I'm A Celebrity 2012: It's the Jungle Awards!

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Charlie Brooks

The three remaining I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here celebrities were told that they would be hosting the Jungle Awards.

Armed with a host of awards and with the cardboard cut-outs of their fellow campmates lined up, the awards began.

Ashley joked, “I would have liked to have worn something a little more glamorous!”

The first award was for the ‘Bravest Campmate’. Charlie said, “It’s got to be David.” But the boxer suggested, “We’ve all been brave in one way or another, even Helen.”

Charlie disagreed and said, “She doesn’t get the bravest sorry.”

Ashley added that Nadine could possibly get the award for her Trials which included being placed in a coffin and the eating Trial, but again Charlie disagreed suggesting that she was not in the coffin for long enough. The girls decided that the award should go to David, who joked, “I’m lost for words.”

The next award was for the ‘Happiest campmate’. David suggested Rosemary and they all agreed. They awarded Hugo the ‘Grumpiest camp mate’ and after placing the award around his cardboard cut out, Ashley said, “Hugo you’re amazing but you’re a moody ‘mofo’.

Next up was the ‘Worst Body’. Ashley immediately suggested Eric, saying “his crack and titties hanging out all day long.”

They all agreed. Later Ashley added, “Eric let it all hang out all day long, all the time every day. His ass crack and titties were shown every day we didn’t have a choice. Cover it up honey”

They awarded the ‘Loudest Campmate’ and ‘Bossiest Campmate’ to Rosemary and the ‘Most Cowardly’ to Helen. “David said, “Helen finally got it in the end, but at one stage she was very cowardly and we missed many meals.

Charlie added, “We did, we missed five meals. Its ain’t good enough.”

Hugo won his second award for “Best Dressed Campmate’. Ashley joked, “The Best Dressed went to Hugo Taylor as it should, ‘Mr Vogue’ himself. We all have the same clothes yet his looked pressed, neatly rolled up sleeves. Everything was nice and crisp. We were all like ‘did he smuggle an iron in?’”

David nominated himself for the ‘Windiest Campmate’ award. Charlie agreed saying “I will give you this award with great honour.”

Ashley added, “I think there was a sense of pride in the ‘Windiest Campmate’ for David. He kind of took that on as yes thank you very much. There is no shame in his wind.”

David commented, “I would have been disgusted if that award went to anyone else.”

Helen received the award for the ‘Laziest Campmate’ with Ashley saying, “ Love you sweetheart but you didn’t do a damn thing around here.”

David read out the next award saying, “This is going to be a controversial one ladies, ‘Most Attractive’ camp mate.

Charlie said to David and Ashley, “Its between you two.” David gave the award to Ashley, who said, “That’s a weird one to accept.”

Eric received a further two awards, the ‘Worst Dressed Campmate’ and ‘Most Entertaining Campmate.’

David and Ashley agreed that Charlie should receive the ‘Most Caring Campmate’ whilst David received his third award for ‘The Best Body.’

They awarded Brian the ‘Smelliest Campmate’ award, prompting Charlie to comment, “Sorry Brian we love you.”

David and Charlie agreed Ashley should win the award for ‘the ‘Best Singer’. However, the Pussycat Doll suggested Limahl, but David said, “Come on you’re the best singer by far. (Limahl's) not as good as you.

MP, Nadine won the ‘Most Opinionated Campmate’, whilst Hugo won his third award of the ‘Cleanest Campmate.’

They awarded Limahl the ‘Most Irritating Campmate’ for his hair regime. As they hung the award around the neck of his cardboard cut out, Charlie said, “Sorry Limahl, we do like you.”


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