I'm A Celebrity 2012: David Haye takes on the Well of Hell

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - David Haye

David Haye won all six available stars in the Well of Hell bush tucker trial on I'm A Celebrity 2012 tonight.

Charlie announced that today’s trial was called Well of Hell and David said he didn’t feel it was something for a lady to do so volunteered.

Ashley agreed: “As the ladies went out on the last trial maybe it is the male’s time, so go out and kick ass. I feel confident about it, I know that David is going to go out there and be superman and swipe all three stars and the three musketeers will eat fantastically tonight.”

Charlie and Ashley went with him to the bridge. ”After all the fun we had yesterday I think it is about time we got down to the nitty gritty, we got down and dirty and cockroachy, so bring it on.”

Former heavyweight boxing champion David Haye had his hand dramatically gnawed by a bandicoot during the Well of Hell trial.

The Hayemaker met up with Ant and Dec at the trials area and said they had obviously saved the best trial for last. Asked how he felt to be in the final three David said: “It feels really good, I didn’t expect it to last this long in a million years but now I’m here I’m just going to embrace it and look forward to the sludge, raw meat and maggots and all that lovely stuff you’ve got for me. I’ve gone this far, 22 days in the jungle, now I’m here I’ll go as far as I can.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Eric again it will probably be at the bar, he called it again this morning, so anytime you are looking to put a bet on run it past him first.”

Ant joked he’d be getting the lottery numbers off him in future. Dec outlined the trial - which saw David climb inside a bucket and be lowered down to a whole new level. As he descended it would get increasingly dark until he was submerged in complete darkness and either side of him would be holes in the wall containing stars. The stars were different colours and split in half, David had to find both halves of the same colour to for a meal. With six half stars up for grabs, it meant a possible three meals to be won with only 10 minutes to complete the trial.

David entered the well and the klaxon started the countdown, he found the first hole which contained yabbies, “I felt some sharp little claws like some sort of lobster” to find his first half a star, next in among scorpions which were clinging to his hand, he found another half a star.

He was lowered to the next level and the well was covered shrouding him in darkness as he put his hand in with a little crocodile that he gently moved out of the way to get another half star. The next hole contained what he thought was a little cute rat that he said “felt quite heavy, he won't move around, he really doesn’t want to move.” Suddenly the bandicoot attacked David’s hand. As mealworms were being dropped over the boxer’s head, he said: “It’s really going to work on my hand what the hell is that, I’ve got bite marks, thanks for that.”

He then asked to be moved down to the next level having successfully picked up both half stars. Holding the guide ropes he said he was happy to go on “ hopefully the critters don’t get any worse than that one. “

As he put his hand in among hundreds of cockroaches, he realised there wasn’t a star in there and complained about the ‘maggots’ that were down the back of his neck. He put his hand in the next hole that contained a large snake. “I tried to be gentle with that critter and he just didn’t wouldn’t listen, hello snakey snake please don't bite me,” as he retrieved another half star.

Looking for two more stars he was plunged into even darker depths to the final level where he put his hand in among green ants and found another half star. “Let’s hope the last hole hasn’t got something with sharp teeth” as he pulled out the final half while cockroaches were poured over him.

“I’m glad it was me and not the girls who did this, they wouldn't have liked this one bit, they wouldn’t have liked that ferret or whatever it was that bit me, plus I have a neck and back that’s been bitten up by cockroaches and worms.”

Dec revealed that he’d done the trial in just over five minutes and explained a bandicoot had actually bitten him. “He didn’t like you in his hole did he? He has had a good lunch on that.”

“He did, but it was a small price to pay for dinner, “ said David. “I knew you were going to crank it up today and make it hard and putting that bandicoot in there was definitely a good start.”

“Food is in short supply right now and with Charlie as the new head chef I had to bring something home for the girls. It’s going to be strange doing the cooking so we’ve upgraded Charlie to head chef.”

David conceded that Well of Hell was a lot harder than the last few he has attempted. “Getting bitten by a bandicoot wasn’t pleasant, he really gnawed on my hand but I had to get the star so I just grinded through, there was no way I was going to go back to camp with anything less than six stars as I’ve got to keep the girls happy and they will be over the moon.”

Charlie said she hoped he would get a trial “that would freak him out a bit, he seems to take them all in his stride, he will have got all three stars, he won’t come out without them. “

Ashley was pleased she hadn’t had to attempt the trial as she heard him tell of his adventure. “They put a lid over the top so you can’t see anything, eight holes with eight critters in each hole. One attacked my hand which was fun, it grabbed hold and started biting my hand it was quite hard. There was an alligator in another one and I just took my hand out in time, apparently its jaws were open. I think because they knew I was doing it they hammed up the animals they put in there.

“I was glad you didn’t have to do that one, it was only a little baby one but I’m glad I didn’t have to find out if it would have hurt.”

Impressed by how cool he was after the trial Charlie said “ He plays everything down, nothing seems to phase him.”


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