I'm A Celebity 2012: Final four celebs discuss their time in camp

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Ashley Roberts

The final four celebs have been discussing their time in the I'm A Celebrity 2012 camp.

After Hugo left in this evening's I'm A Celebrity results, four stars remain in camp.

The final fabulous four give their views on each other, with Ashley saying that she wouldn’t swap any of the celebrities left in camp for anybody.

On Ashley:
Eric said to her: “When I first met you I honestly didn’t think you stood a chance, a Pussycat, I didn’t know who you were.” In the Bush Telegraph he said: “Intelligent and good looking lady and a lovely little body to have walking about round here, nothing wrong with having a little look.”

David assumed she was going to be a diva but “she’s just a regular chick and that surprised me the most.”

The celebrities then gave their views on Eric:
Ashley said: “ Eric is a character and there is no-one like him, what you see is what you get.”

David added: “Sometimes in life you need someone to give the bad news and say it how it how it is and Eric Bristow is that guy.”

On David:
Charlie said: “ David surprised me because I thought he’d be the one to kick off if we didn’t have enough food but actually he’s level headed, intelligent, clever, funny, warm and just lovely.”

On Charlie:
Ashley called her a “kick ass chicka. She’s strong, honest and outside of the jungle I would want to hang out with.”

“I think we are all different but we all get on”, said Charlie.


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