I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars get letters from home

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Charlie Brooks

There were tears on I'm A Celebrity 2012 as the celebs won letters from home.

In order to win letters from their loved ones each celebrity had a turn at guiding the hoop along the buzz wire from one end to the other,Charlie told them: “Touch the wire once or twice and the letter is safe, three touches will see it go up in flames. We will be playing for one of the camp mates letters and have one minute to complete the challenge.”

Hugo and Eric did each others and while Hugo succeeded in the challenge, Eric failed leaving the Made in Chelsea star downhearted but forgiving at being the only one not receiving a letter from home. Ashley played for Charlie, Charlie for David and David for Ashley.

As the celebrities re-read their letters, Hugo wandered off and David said to Eric that he felt for Hugo. “Well that’s the game isn’t it?” Eric replied. In the Bush Telegraph Hugo said: “It’s the way life goes, there’s no point dwelling on it. No news is good news.”

CHARLIE (read by Ashley)
Dear Mummy,
I love you so much, you are doing brilliantly and I am really proud of you. I love the room service, we have been having ice cream, pink champagne and lots of fun on your bill every day.
Don't worry about us, you are in it now you may as well try and win it for all of us. I can't wait to see you, you should have opened the yellow door. I was behind it.
You are the best mummy in the world
All my love
Kiki xxxx 🙂 🙂 xxxxx
P.s can't wait to go to the fun things with you

ASHLEY (ready by David)
From mum:
Hello Honey,
Wow, it is getting close to the end now and you are still living in the jungle. Ashley, I am so proud of you, what a journey you have been on, you will reflect and carry this experience with you the rest of your life. I love that everyone gets to see what those of us who are fortunate to have you in their life already know. That you are not only beautiful and talented, but smart and genuine and funny too. You are not only the best daughter a mother could have but the best friend as well!! You stay strong Ashley, we are all sending you tons of love and good energy and miss you very, very much!
I LOVE YOU xoxoxoxo
P S Maybe Rosemary would share her recipe for Kangaroo tail!

ERIC (read by Hugo)
Yo dad, I'm so proud of you, you’re doing so well, you haven't even flinched in any of your trials like you said! You are the man for the job, you've been magic so far as you would say.. You’re going to be even more of a legend when we get back, you have been named "the king of banter" and hopefully soon king of the jungle
!I was behind the yellow door but I said before you got there Dad will pick the blue door for Chelsea and get game over! I love you so much Dad and I am so proud of you.
You’re my king whatever happens!
James x

DAVID (ready by Charlie)
Dear Dave

Watching your brother crawl in offal, dance to 'Don't Cha' and show his backside on national television shouldn't result in beaming pride, but somehow, David, you've managed to charm both me and the entire nation with your hilarious jungle antics.

It would sound strange to say watching you do Bushtucker trials makes me as nervous as watching you fight, but it's true. What's more, I feel just as proud when you bring home the maximum amount of stars as I do when you win world titles in the boxing ring. Is there any way you can stop the fighting and instead do Bushtucker trials for a living?

Lots of love
Big sis Weeza.

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