Im A Celeb Get Me Out Outta Here: Hugo Taylor, David Haye tackle Dingo Dollar challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Hugo TaylorDavid Haye tackled the latest I'm A Celebrity 2012 Dingo Dollar Challenge today.

Hugo was still fuming about the rice shortage when he went off to the Dingo Dollar Challenge with David. They arrived to find 30 huge spiders hanging from the trees which they had to bash into piñata style until they exploded to release the cash from their stomachs.

“Hugo’s in a bad mood, he’s running on fumes at the moment so to come here and let go with a big stick and smash the spiders to pieces I know that secretly he’ll love that.”

Whacking the spiders hung from the trees, paint sprayed over them before they got to the Dingo Dollars.

“It wasn’t easy some were quite resilient,” said David.

Hugo however found it took the edge off his mood. “I found it quite therapeutic actually, and David is actually quite sexually frustrated at the moment so I think this helped him out with that one. I’m sure that although he can’t bash one out at home, he can bash one out here!”

Some of the spiders were high up in the trees so they had to jump up to reach them. “I know that Hugo hates spiders so this was a great chance to get his own back, we had some fun, smashed them to smithereens and let off some steam” said David.

At the end of the challenge, the pair were covered in paint but only had $95 and had to sift through the spider carcasses to find the remaining $2.

Said Hugo: “I wasn’t in a great mood this afternoon because we only get 75g of rice a day and we’d gone through it all so we can’t eat tonight.”

The celebrities had to guess who had lost the most weight while in the jungle - Rosemary or Colin - and setting a new record for the series to win their Dingo Dollar Challenge treat.

Ashley, Eric and Charlie all agreed that it would be Colin who had lost the two stones and three pound. “It’s a new record” trilled Ashley. “It has to be Colin as he stayed in here the longest and he’s my man,” said Eric.

Still in the dark they had answered the question wrongly, Ashley was absolutely astonished that someone had lost 31 pounds during their stay in the jungle. “It’s amazing, he would never have lost that weight otherwise, that’s starting a new life for him. There was such a drastic change in him.”

Said Eric: “You could see it across his face and the way he ran across that bridge. He lost that in 17 days that’s just under two pounds a day, no way could Rosemary have lost that weight in five days less. He’s a record holder, it’s got to be Colin.”

As the ranger brought the shack door down in the faces of David and Hugo, they walked away despondently entering the camp empty handed to the surprise of the celebrities.

“In 15 days Rosemary lost 31 pounds, that’s the equivalent of four babies weighing seven and a half pound. We thought it was Colin too, maybe he lost it around his face and Rosemary lost it round her stomach,” suggested David.

Ashley wondered what Rosemary must have been eating before entering the jungle. Eric said: “She must have been a pig.”

Charlie piped up: “Credit where credit is due Eric.”

He replied: “Credit? She doesn’t really look any better with losing all that lot, she needs to lose a lot more yet.”

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