I'm A Celeb 2012: Ashley Roberts, Charlie Brooks suceed in latest trial


Ashley Roberts and Charlie Brooks won four out of five stars in their latest bush tucker trial on I'm A Celebrity 2012 Get Me Out Of Here.

David announced to the celebrities that the trial was called The Jungle Walk of Shame, two celebrities would be taking part. Ashley was the first to put her hand up. “We are supposed to be doing democratic voting but I volunteered immediately, it is my time again to do a trial and this one sounded ok.”

Charlie also counted herself in. “I was totally up for doing it, I’d no idea what it entailed, it’s called the Walk of Shame and I’ve done that once or twice before in my life but I doubt this one will be the same.”

The EastEnder’s personal experiences were shared by Ashley. “I’ve done a few walks of shame in my life, yeah, it’s happened, this will be just another addition to the book! I feel confident about us.”

“We all want to do the trials because it gets us out of camp and it does break the day up so we should let the ladies have a day out,” said Eric.

David agreed: “We should let the ladies do the Walk of Shame as it is usually the women who do a walk of shame after a heavy night/morning out.”
Ashley and Charlie undertook today’s Trial which was called the Jungle Walk of Shame. “I volunteered myself” said Ashley to Ant and Dec. “We’re used to the walk of shame” added Charlie. “After a long night out. Ok I get you” said Ant.

The Trials area contained a large star which had five points. In each point was hidden a smaller star, guarded by various jungle critters.

Next to the star was a dunking tank. One celebrity would be in the star; one would be on the dunking tank. That celebrity would have to answer questions from the Walk of Shame. For every question they answered correctly, they would get 30 seconds to search for the star. If they got the question wrong, they would take a dunk.

“Inside there it’s just like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just like it.” said Ant. “Its a little bit funkier than the real Walk Of Fame” added Dec.

Ashley volunteered to go on the dunk tank. “You probably know more about Hollywood” said Charlie.

The first star was titled ‘Slimevester Stallone’. All three questions were about Sylvester Stallone and the point was filled with slime and fish guts.

Ashley answered the first question incorrectly as she didn’t know what film Stallone, Jason Statham and Jet Li starred in. The correct answer was The Expendables. She answered correctly that the surname of Stallone’s ex wife Brigitte, was Neilsen. But she didn’t know in which Rocky film Stallone fought Ivan Drago. The answer was Rocky 4.

Charlie had 30 seconds to move around the slime to find the star, which despite gagging and retching, she managed to do.

The second star was called Michael Bugless with that point of the star being filled with maggots, beetles and cockroaches. Ashely was asked which street is the financial district of New York and a blockbuster movie starring Michael Douglas in 1987. She answered correctly with Wall Street.

She was asked how many children Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have together. She answered correctly that they have two.

But she didn’t know the name of Michael Douglas’s famous father. She said Peter Douglas. The answer is Kirk. So Charlie had one minute to scrabble around the point to find the star which she managed to do.

The next point was entitled Sir Green Ant-hony Hopkins. The point of the star contained green ant nests.

Ashley was asked which 1991 film did Anthony Hopkins play a cannibal and she answered correctly The Silence of the Lambs. She didn’t know how many Oscars the actor had won. And she didn’t know that he was born in Wales, so Charlie only had 30 seconds to find the star. But again, she managed to retrieve it, earning another meal for camp.

The fourth point was Winona Spider, with the enclosure containing spiders and their webs.

Ashley had to complete the title of the 1990 movie Edward and she correctly said “Scissorhands”.

She was asked which of the main characters of Friends did she kiss when she had a cameo role in the series. The answer was Rachel.

But she did know that the real Walk of Fame is in the Hollywood district of LA, giving Charlie one minute. Once again Charlie scrabbled around, making her total four out of four.

The final point was called Leonardo Dicrabrio and that section of the star contained large mud crabs. Ashley correctly answered that Leonardo Dicaprio appeared in the film Titanic. However, she didn’t know that he won a Golden Globe in 2005 for his film The Aviator. And she thought that his film The Beach was filmed in Australia, not the correct Thailand.

Charlie only had 30 seconds to find the star which she didn’t manage to do.

The girls won four out of five stars for camp. “I'm proud” said Charlie. “I think we did well.”
Following their trial success the girls headed back to camp complaining of their bodily aromas. “Everytime I do something out here, I get smellier and smellier,” moaned Ashley.

“That was not to be repeated but it gets your adrenaline running that’s for sure, we won’t be going back in any shame down that Walk of Shame,” Said Charlie.

The guys agreed that they’d missed the girls. “It feels like a gay bar,” said Eric. Hugo agreed “Not much talent in here though.” Eric commented that no-one in the camp was pairing up “but at least we have got two good lookers in with us.” David joked: “Hugo’s not that bad looking!”
“I mean women you daft sod.”

They all believed the girls had probably done well in the trial. “Ashley’s a bit of a tough nut and Charlie gets stuck in, she doesn’t need pushing on she does marathons and stuff so she has endurance and single mindedness where she will just keep grinding through.”

The predictions were that Hugo and Eric thought they would get 4 out of the 5 stars while David thought they would get a whole set. Said Eric,: “ They didn’t smell very nice when they came back in. “Go and have a wash you smelly sods,” he advised.

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