I'm A Celebrity 2012 faces backlash over task involving Charlie Brooks' daughter

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Charlie Brooks

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here bosses have been blasted for their yellow door task.

Last night saw the celebrities took part in a guessing game which could result in a brief encounter with their loved ones.

In pairs, each group headed to the area and were greeted by five coloured doors. They were told that behind each door was a different prize. They could open the door in any order and if they liked the prize they find could walk away or they could gamble by closing the door and move on to another door but if they did, they would sacrifice that prize. The celebrities had to beware, behind one door was a ‘game over’ sign and if they picked this, they left with nothing.

The celebrities were unaware of what treats were available. Hidden behind each door was a freshly cooked pizza, freshly laundered clothes and two ice cream sundaes. Another door hid their loved ones and the final one had the ‘game over’ sign.

First up was Eric and Charlie. Unbeknownst to them, one of the doors was hiding Eric’s son and Charlie’s daughter.

Eric suggested Charlie pick first. She said she was drawn to the shabby chic door. Encouraged by Eric that she should pick first she opened the door and found freshly laundered clothing.

Eric said, “I’m not bothered by that are you?” Charlie agreed and it was Eric’s turn to pick a door.

He headed straight for the blue one and said, “I’m going for Chelsea blue.” Charlie agreed saying her daughter also liked that team but as the door opened they were greeted by the ‘game over’ sign. T

Disappointed they headed back to camp unaware that their loved ones were only a few feet away.

Later, a shocked Charlie became tearful when she realised that her daughter, Kiki could have been behind the door.

Charlie said, “I swear to God, It felt like somebody had got a boot and kicked me in the gut. I didn’t even think about having your family behind the door would have been an option.”

Rosemary and David then explained that the relatives could hear everything that they were saying.

A tearful Charlie was comforted by her camp mates and said, “This is heartbreaking. Yellow’s my favourite colour she would have been thinking ‘mummy would pick yellow.’”

She continued, “Its fine, I just can’t believe she was there that’s what’s got me more than anything. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t get it, it was just that she was so close.”

She then added, “Oh my God I can’t cope.”

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Charlie said, “I’m really glad I didn’t get the pizza. I’m really glad that I didn’t get anything because if I’d sat there and enjoyed something knowing afterwards that she was there whilst I was going ‘this is the best prize’ I think I would have felt even worse.”

Ashley later added, “Poor Charlie is gutted. It’s her child. She’s trying to keep it together we’re trying to give her positive thoughts but she’s really bummed out that her daughter was standing on the other side.”

Some viewers weren't too keen on the plot, with one telling us: "What a mean stunt to pull on a little girl, to be so close to Mummy and be rejected at such a tenderage, very very low of ITV."

And others complained online: "I can understand the parents going in and it being their own lookout.

“But for such a small child to hear her mother's voice and look so desolate when she didn’t get to see her isn’t sitting comfortably with me.”


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