I'm A Celeb 2012: Rosemary Shrager, Hugo Taylor win latest Dingo Dollar Challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Rosemary Shrager

Rosemary Shrager and Hugo Taylor headed off for the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this evening.

After their recent argument, Hugo said, “It should be pretty testing to work with Rosemary. She’s been irritating me for about a day now, maybe this will be a chance for me to find her funny rather than annoying.”

They arrived at the challenge and were greeted by a tin bath tub full of water and a harness attached to a wooden seat.

One of them had to be in the harness, whilst the other pulled the chain to lower the bath. As the bath lowered the harness would go into the air. Also hanging in the air was the bag containing the loot. To unlock the money the other would have to get in the bath and scrub themselves. This would release the code hidden within a bar of soap.

Rosemary quickly suggested that Hugo should go into the harness whilst she enjoyed the soak in the bath.

An excited Rosemary said, “When I pull the cord the bath will be coming down but Hugo will go up into the air. I’m going to get into that bath and I don’t care if there are 10 million people watching me.” I could keep Hugo up there while I’m just soaping myself. Show the power with Hugo”.

Referring to the cold shower in camp, she then added, “Hopefully its warm water.”

Dressed in her blue swimming costumed, Rosemary enjoyed her soak, using the soap she said she was planning on giving herself and her swimming costume a “good scrub.”

As Hugo sat watching high up on the swing, he shouted down, “Concentrate Rosemary. What you are looking for is letters not numbers.”

Distracted by the “gorgeous smellies” around the bath, a thrilled Rosemary was clearly enjoying her bath time. She said, “My gosh I’ve got to go right down to the middle of the soap...this is magic.”

However the chef got herself into a bit of a lather when the soap slipped from her hands and she struggled to find it. Laughing, and flaying around in the tin tub, she said, “It went behind me and being quite wide I couldn’t actually feel for it.”

Rosemary finally freed the code from the soap and called up the codes to Hugo who unlocked the Dingo Dollars. She then pulled out the bath plug which lowered Hugo.

Afterwards Rosemary admitted, “I didn’t feel guilty about Hugo, I thought it was really funny. I was thinking how long I could keep him up there for!”

Whilst Hugo, referring to Rosemary’s dip in the tub said, “I’m sure there will be many men wanting to be in there with her.”

Rosemary and Hugo headed to the Outback Shack to spend their Dingo Dollars.

They opted for marshmallows for camp rather than a manicure kit.

In camp Charlie answered the call and relayed the question which asked, “according to a recent survey how many followers does the average twitter user have? The options were, 63 or 208.

The camp mates guessed 208 and a thrilled Hugo and Rosemary headed into camp with the treat.

Rosemary regaled her camp mates about her afternoon in the tub and said, “I will never ever have a bath. I did in front of ten million people I showed my round body in a small bath.”

Hugo then added, “Rosemary you looked sexy, in a beautiful blue bathing suit, you looked fantastic.”

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