I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars get visit from friends and family (but Charlie Brooks misses out)

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - David Haye

The I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars got a surprise visit from some of their friends and family today, as well as some treats for their final week in the jungle!

The celebrities took part in a guessing game which could result in a brief encounter with their loved ones.

In pairs, each group headed to the area and were greeted by five coloured doors. They were told that behind each door was a different prize. They could open the door in any order and if they liked the prize they find could walk away or they could gamble by closing the door and move on to another door but if they did, they would sacrifice that prize. The celebrities had to beware, behind one door was a ‘game over’ sign and if they picked this, they left with nothing.

The celebrities were unaware of what treats were available. Hidden behind each door was a freshly cooked pizza, freshly laundered clothes and two ice cream sundaes. Another door hid their loved ones and the final one had the ‘game over’ sign.

First up was Eric and Charlie. Unbeknownst to them, one of the doors was hiding Eric’s son and Charlie’s daughter.

Eric suggested Charlie pick first. She said she was drawn to the shabby chic door. Encouraged by Eric that she should pick first she opened the door and found freshly laundered clothing.

Eric said, “I’m not bothered by that are you?” Charlie agreed and it was Eric’s turn to pick a door.

He headed straight for the blue one and said, “I’m going for Chelsea blue.” Charlie agreed saying her daughter also liked that team but as the door opened they were greeted by the ‘game over’ sign. T

Disappointed they headed back to camp unaware that their loved ones were only a few feet away.

Later Eric said, “We’ll find out what’s behind those doors. If one comes back having had pizza or something like that, I’m dead.”

Next up was Hugo and Ashley. Hugo suggested Ashley pick first but when the Pussy Cat Doll asked what colour he would pick he said, ‘No one would pick red as it means danger, so I’d go for that one. I don’t want to be the one who gets the blame.’”

They opted for the red door which contained a freshly cooked pizza. The salivating pair, clearly thrilled with what they had won, decided to take the pizza.

They sat cross legged on the floor munching happily on their pizza, but unbeknownst to them only a few yards away, hidden behind another door was Hugo’s girlfriend and Ashley’s best friend.

Hugo said about their meal, “I think that’s exactly what I said I wanted on my way down here.”

Later Hugo compared eating the pizza to “being hand washed by Swedish quadruplets.” He continued, “I’ve eaten in some nice places all over the world and been very lucky. But none of these compare to sitting crossed legged in the middle of the jungle with a pizza. Simple pleasure but that pizza was my food highlight since I’ve been here.”

The final pairing were David and Rosemary. The chef immediately had a theory on how they should pick a door. She said, “They are all bright doors, why don’t we go to the lesser door at the end.”

They opened the ‘shabbier’ looking door and behind that was freshly laundered clothing.

A disappointed Rosemary said, “That’s not a treat.”

Whilst David added, “We can wash clothes and we could be going tomorrow.”

They opted to gamble and David suggested that they continue the same theory and picked the yellow door.

A nervous Rosemary started to doubt their choice saying “I don’t like yellow.” When David suggested they pick another, she decided they should stay with yellow. Waiting behind the door was Rosemary’s daughter and David’s mum.

The thrilled pair hug their relatives, introducing them to each other. Rosemary is overcome to see her daughter and was thrilled when she told her she was “proud of her.” Rosemary also joked, “Can you believe I’m doing my own washing.”

Hugging his mum, David asked if he’d “embarrassed her.” She replied no but commented on his weight loss, saying he was a “featherweight” which prompted David to joke, “I’m a cruise weight now.”

Eric and Charlie were first back in camp and wait for their fellow campmates to arrive back. They both admitted that they were keen to find out what was behind the other doors.

Hugo and Ashley returned and told them that they picked red and won a pizza.

Hugo explained, “No one picks the red door because it’s the colour of danger. So I thought I bet the best things behind that.”

Ashley later said, “I think they were pretty gutted. I’m sure there was a little bit of them that was like ‘bast*rds’”.

A disappointed Charlie said, “I was going to pick the red door.”

Hugo joking said in the Bush Telegraph, “Charlie and Eric got the blue door which was game over. I’m so gutted for them. My heart bleeds in the form of pizza!”

A jubilant David and Rosemary arrived back in camp and asked if any of the others had picked the yellow door. Encouraged by the other camp mates to tell them what was behind their doors, the pair finally revealed they had five minute with their loved ones.

A shocked Charlie became tearful when she realised that her daughter, Kiki could have been behind the door.

Charlie said, “I swear to God, It felt like somebody had got a boot and kicked me in the gut. I didn’t even think about having your family behind the door would have been an option.”

Rosemary and David then explained that the relatives could hear everything that they were saying.

A tearful Charlie was comforted by her camp mates and said, “This is heartbreaking. Yellow’s my favourite colour she would have been thinking ‘mummy would pick yellow.’”

She continued, “Its fine, I just can’t believe she was there that’s what’s got me more than anything. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t get it, it was just that she was so close.”

She then added, “Oh my God I can’t cope.”

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Charlie said, “I’m really glad I didn’t get the pizza. I’m really glad that I didn’t get anything because if I’d sat there and enjoyed something knowing afterwards that she was there whilst I was going ‘this is the best prize’ I think I would have felt even worse.”

Ashley later added, “Poor Charlie is gutted. It’s her child. She’s trying to keep it together we’re trying to give her positive thoughts but she’s really bummed out that her daughter was standing on the other side.”

Later in camp Charlie whispered, “Kiki I’m so sorry.”

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