I'm A Celebrity 2012: Eric Bristow win five stars in Great Escape trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow won five out of six stars on I'm A Celebrity 2012 this evening, after he took on the latest bushtucker trial.

Eric arrived in the Trials area to be greeted by Ant and Dec. They asked if the camp missed Helen. “She didn’t do a lot” he replied before denying that he was wearing her fake tan.

The hosts explained the Trial to Eric. There was a tunnel that had been divided into five sections. Eric had to lie on his back on a trolley and pull himself through the tunnel using a rope. There were six stars hidden in the tunnel which he had to untie and collect. Of course, there would be other jungle critters in the tunnel with him. He had ten minutes with which to complete the Trial.

He was told that he could stop the Trial at any “My kids won’t like that” he said.

He moved himself along and started to fiddle with the knot that the star was attached to as cockroaches were poured on him. “I’m not worried about the cockroaches. I can’t undo the knot” he cried in frustration.

He moved along and got more cockroaches over him. He retrieved a second star and then got jungle gunk poured over his legs. “They ruined my trousers” he said.

As he retrieved another star he said “I’m alright mate. Sound as a pound. As maggots were dumped on his he said “Who’d live in a house like this. You dirty smelly tw*ts.”

The next section of the tunnel was pitch black and Eric faced spiders in their webs. He found a fourth star pretty quickly but failed to retrieve another. As cockroaches dropped on him, joining the spiders he said “I’ve had four. I’ll pass on this one and get to the other one. That was a sweet. We don’t need sweets.”

Asked how he was getting on he said “My kids love you two. I’m going to tell them what you’re really like. I’m on a roll here mate. Don’t worry” as he retrieved a fifth star.
“Bugs don’t frighten me. I’ll take that. If they’re not pleased with that in camp then they can come and do it” as he emerged from the tunnel, covered in slime and bugs.

Eric emerged unscathed from his Trial. “It wasn’t very pleasant, let me put it this way. I can still feel things crawling on me now. I’m looking forward to getting back to camp now and telling them five out of six and boy do I need a shower. I don’t smell too good.”

Back in the jungle, the campmates were wondering how many stars Eric would get. “I’m very proud of you” said Rosemary as he explained the trial.

“It was a bit frightening to be honest. (It gave me an) adrenaline rush. My heart was pumping fast. Must be a bit of fear. It doesn’t matter. We’re eating.”

Later Charlie said “I did expect Eric to do well. He’s given everyone such a lot of flack I think he probably felt like he had to prove it to himself.”

But Eric taking part in a Trial unwittingly set off tension in the camp as both Charlie and Rosemary wanted to undertake a trial.

Eric said “Glad I did it. Got the adrenaline going and didn’t let the camp down. The only one that hasn’t had a go is Rosemary. But Rosemary’s got to get in there. Got to get in there now. Otherwise people at home will lose a bit of respect for her.”

Meanwhile Rosemary said to Ashley, “I would love to do one too because I’ve not done one yet either so I’ll put myself forward tomorrow definitely” as Charlie nodded.

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