I'm A Celeb 2012: FIGHT! Hugo Taylor, Rosemary Shrager row

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Hugo Taylor

Hugo Taylor and Rosemary Shrager found themselves rowing on I'm A Celebrity 2012 tonight in a strange argument over leaves.

It was little things causing a stir in camp as Hugo and Rosemary had a heated debate stunning their fellow campmates into silence.

The row had started after Hugo had commented that the leaves could be the culprit in making the water on the fire taste bad. He suggested that because they pour the dirty water on the leaves around camp and then place the leaves on the fire this could be affecting the boiling water.

Rosemary however disagrees “no, no no, that’s not why they smell they’re just smelly leaves.” She then said to Hugo, “you’re very chirpy to day what’s the matter?”

When Hugo replied that she was “annoying him”, Rosemary then added, “You’re getting quite irritable and there’s no need for it. I don’t like it, you being rude. Stop.”

Hugo responded, “You completely disregarded what I was saying. I’m trying to have a conversation like an adult there’s no need to talk to me like a child. I was saying that as a theory. You completely cut me off and was saying ‘no, no’. How about just saying ‘Hugo that’s interesting, I don’t think that’s right’ instead of just saying, ‘no, no.’”

Rosemary disagreed and added, “I’m really quite cross with you, you’re being rude.” Hugo apologised but Rosemary continued, “Every time I give you an answer you question it and I’m not having it.”

With the subject back on the water, Hugo said, “This is what I’m talking about, you don’t take anyone else’s opinion, your opinion is always the most important.”

Hugo apologised saying he did not want to upset her feelings. “You’ve not upset my feelings I just want you to stop,” replied Rosemary.


As the stunned and silent camp mates looked on, Hugo said, “Stop talking to me like a child. You’re acting like my mother and I don’t appreciate it.” Rosemary said, “Maybe I am because I’m a mother and a grandmother.

Hugo responded, “That’s why I said sorry and you shot me down, just be like Hugo I forgive you.” The chef then demanded that he should “ have a little bit more respect.”

A despondent Hugo then replied, “I have plenty of respect, I just sometimes find that you’re authoritative, commanding, domineering ‘no’s’ are a bit oppressive. You shoot people down quite a lot with your opinions. You don’t allow much room for discussion”.

An exasperated Rosemary replied, “Well that’s a little bit rude. You are so wrong. I give so much and all I’ve done is try to advise you. I’ve just had enough from you. You don’t like anybody to say something to you. Don’t be so nasty. You have to tread on eggshells with you to make sure Hugo’s happy. “

Whilst the pair admit that the disagreement was amusing, it rumbled on, and Rosemary continued, “You see me as an authority figure and you don’t like it. Maybe it’s time you grew up and we all have to listen and learn from elders.”

Hugo responded, “I’ve always had a problem with authority Rosemary. Every time we do cooking I listen I take your instructions to a tea and I have done the whole time I’ve been here.”
Rosemary then suggested they call a truce, but added, “Will you do me a favour me a favour
Hugo will you just listen please a little bit. It’s not getting at you. It’s just if you ask a question I will answer to the best of my ability.

Hugo in return asked that Rosemary let others make mistakes, and added, “I don’t ever appreciate being spoken down to, it’s not something I relish and you do it a bit too often”

Rosemary replied, “It doesn’t hurt to be told once in your life actually. You act sometimes very spoilt. We don’t all walk around like a petulant little boy.”
A bewildered Hugo then asked, “Are you trying to wind me up Rosemary. You’re calling me a petulant child now. Rosemary you’re igniting my passion for argument.”

Hugo apologised, and Rosemary suggested they “call it a day.”

As Hugo sat talking to Charlie, Eric and Helen, the darts champion commented, “She (Rosemary) won’t back down she won’t admit that she’s wrong, she just talks down to people.”

Laughing, Eric continued, “You did well. You’ve learnt a lot in nineteen days. Day two you would have went bang, you would have flipped. It just shows you how far you have come in nineteen days. She thinks a hug goes a long way. She calls you a tw*t and give you a hug.”

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