I'm A Celebrity 2012 celebrities win gifts from their loved ones

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - David Haye

The I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars won gifts from their loved ones tonight, after Hugo, Ashley and David completed their final secret missions.

Ashley and David were to be given their final mission - but when they arrived at the spot to get their phone call with instructions they met up with Hugo. They all looked at each other without knowing each other was involved in the missions and were then told they had to work together to perform their final mission - teach the camp mates the lyrics and dance moves to the chorus of the Pussycat Dolls hit Don’t Cha - and everyone had to take part.

“How are we going to get Eric to do that?” questioned David. “I guarantee he won’t do it.” Ashley agreed, “how the hell are we going to do this, the others will do it but Eric won’t.”

Hugo wondered if peer pressure would work “We could go in and say we’d all been in the Bush Telegraph and they said that unless we performed this task we wouldn’t get dinner.”

The scheming trio returned to camp and told the other celebrities of the task with David and Hugo feigning protest along with the others. Eric was not happy at first but they encouraged him to take part so that everyone could get dinner.

Ashley put everyone through the moves - remember the chorus - Don’t Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me, then replace hot with fun, freak and raw or there will be no dinner, “ said Ashley. “They are taking the piss making us sing for supper’ moaned Eric, however he got up and cut some moves along with the others.

Later, Ashley, Hugo and David revealed to the other campmates what they’d been up to. They walked back into camp as Hugo said, “We have a few confessions and gifts.”

“Has there been a plot going on,” exclaimed Rosemary.

They explained that they had all had to complete a number of secret missions with the camp.
Colin praised Ashley on her acting skills. “That was the most genuine piece of someone being scared”. Hugo said “I’m not inheriting 30 million pounds, my father doesn't sell flowers and I don't think I'm going to win IAC” referring to his conversations earlier in the day.

The success of the secret mission meant that all of the celebrities would receive care packages from home. Ashley, David and Hugo distributed them one by one. Colin received a melon and some hydrating foot lotion. Charlie opened a letter from her daughter encouraging her to become queen of the jungle, plus a bar of her favourite chocolate. Helen opened a box that contained a mug, some coffee and some chocolate topping.

Hugo opened a necklace and some cookies. “She always knows my taste” he said. And Rosemary had a hair band and some chocolate.

Ashley had a picture of her dog Cooper and a Belgian waffle and Eric had a Christmas themed teddy bear and some biscuits. Finally, David opened some mint shower gel and some chocolate hob nob biscuits.

And they all also received a picture of their loved ones in Australia.

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