I'm A Celebrity 2012: Rosemary Shrager, Helen Flanagan complete Dingo Dollar challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Helen Flanagan

Rosemary Shrager and Helen Flanagan completed tonight's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Dingo Dollar Challenge in order to win a treat for camp.

“Rosemary you are valiant. You are valiant to the point of superbness” shouted Colin.

They made their way to the challenge area where they saw a lever on a tree with a bag of dingo dollars and a board with codes written on it.

They read the accompanying instructions. “The lever will select either dollars or codes; Run down the hill to lover one of them; Two locks are attached to the bag of cash; remember the codes to unlock your stash.”

Helen had to attach herself to a bungee rope and run down a hill which would release either the board of codes or the bag of coins. Rosemary had to try to remember the codes, to unlock the combination locks on the money and release the cash.

“I’m going to have to remember the codes and that’ll be a bummer,” said Rosemary. How am I going to remember that? I don’t remember where I am from?”

Helen commented “I just hope that Rosemary remembers the code. It’ll be interesting.”

As Helen clambered into her gear and attached herself to the rope, Rosemary advised “You’ve got to have to be really strong. Helen the hulk!”

“The further I go, the quicker it will come down” stated Helen.

“It was pretty straightforward” said Rosemary. “But we didn’t get it immediately.”

The two valiantly struggled with Helen repeatedly running down the hill to release the money and the codes. “I felt like action woman” she said although after the challenge confessed “She was really funny. She kept forgetting all the codes”

But eventually the two released the dingo dollars, meaning that they could make their way to the Outback Shack to claim their prize.

“Helen - she’s a real star. She really goes for it. There’s no short cut. I’m really proud of her” said a delighted Rosemary afterwards.

The triumphant couple of campmates made their way to the Outback Shack to find lemonade or chocolate dipped strawberries on the menu.

The ranger posed a question to the campmates. “Rosemary previously worked for Jean Christophe Novelli or Marco Pierre White.”

Hugo answered the telephone and Charlie immediately said that her instinct was the latter. However, Hugo used his intimate knowledge of London’s Chelsea and said that he thought that Rosemary had worked in a restaurant on Royal Hospital Road which would have meant the answer would have been Jean Christophe Novelli. The camp went with Hugo’s educated guess and won the strawberries.

When Rosemary came back it became apparent that Hugo’s reasoning was nothing but a lucky guess.

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