I'm A Celebrity 2012: Colin Baker, Eric Bristow go head to head in elimination trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Eric Bristow

Colin Baker and Eric Bristow went head to head tonight in an I'm A Celebrity 2012 elimination trial.

The camp mates were left shocked when the results of the Trial were revealed.

Hugo said, “I wasn’t expecting that.” To Colin and Eric, he said, “At least you get to do a Trial before you leave.”

Rosemary added, “Colin you said you wanted to do a Trial.”

Later Eric said, “I’m going to beat him. I don’t play to lose. I would have sent anyone home, anyone I played. Its just unlucky its my friend Colin.”

However, Colin declared that he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Colin and Eric were told that they each had to choose a female celebrity to join them and take part in the Trial.

Eric immediately chose Rosemary whilst Colin picked Charlie.

A shocked Rosemary agreed to take part but expressed that she did have a fear of snakes. Later she said in the Bush Telegraph, “I’m honoured that he picked me and hopefully i can do it.

Eric then said, “There’s a first on TV, me and Rosemary friends.”

Colin, struggled to pick of his female camp mates and said, “I feel awful doing this to anybody.” He then picked Charlie and added, “We’ve bonded for life for this. I’m at your beck and call.”

Revealing the reasons he picked Charlie, Colin said, “I couldn’t ask Helen after having done six or seven Bush Tucker Trials. Ashley had a horrible night last night when she had either nightmares or was frightened by a random beast of western Australia. So that left Charlie.”

With Colin and Eric being popular members of the camp, Ashley admitted, “One of them is going to leave and that’s tough. When either one of those two go there’s going to be a big hole missing.”

As the teams headed to the Trial, sportsman Eric continued with his fighting talk and said, “I don’t like this. Losing is not an option. Anyone can lose, it’s easy to lose it’s hard to win.”

Whilst Colin added, the competition is very tough. I feel a bit like I’m about to enter 100 metres with Usain Bolt.”


Ant and Dec welcomed Colin and Charlie who were going head to head with Eric and Rosemary. Asked why Eric had chosen Rosemary as his panic partner, he said: “The first night here she sat in a hut for the night with bugs so that was the ploy behind choosing Rosemary.”

Colin said he felt apprehensive as he didn’t know what was behind the doors but had chosen Charlie as she’s “feisty little thing, she’s my only and best choice.”

Rosemary said she was going to go for it “Because Eric is going to win and I don’t want the wrath of Eric.”

Ant and Dec explained the trial. “There are two panic rooms and each is identical, one wall in each room is covered in hell holes, each of these holes contains stars as well as a few surprises. Inside each room is a collection box and you will have five minutes to find as many stars as you can and deposit them in a box.”
With every star counting towards jungle survival, there were also eight possible large stars in there which would count as dinners. The hellholes were also filled with snakes, crocs, lizards, crabs, yabbies, cockroaches, and scorpions among other critters.

Charlie and Rosemary went first and as they put their hands into the holes, each of the two women were squealing away and perspiring, observed by their partners Colin and Eric from a platform at the back of the panic room.

At the end Eric said: “Rosemary, to the day I die, I will remember that. I have been watching a screaming lunatic.”

The men were calmer, even when Eric was nipped by a frisky snake, “He doesn’t like me and he’s had a wee in here.”

He was encouraged and hugely supported by Rosemary saying, “You are a hero, incredible, you are doing brilliantly I can’t believe it.”

Colin was nipped several times by a crab, “Ow! Get off, he’s fighting for his territory, it was huge and every time I went in, it attacked me.” Colin also picked up a scorpion and was bitten several times by what he thought was a ‘prickly snake’. “The crab kept coming at me”, he said.

All the stars collected were kept in the collection boxes which would be weighed live on Sunday’s show, but between the two teams a total of five dinner stars were retrieved.


The teams headed back to camp accompanied by a ranger carrying their boxes. The boxes were placed in camp and an image of Colin and Eric as an indicator of which one belonged to which celebrity.

Rosemary admitted that she was disappointed with her performance, she said, “I feel like I’ve let Eric down enormously because I only bought out one star at a time. I hope Eric stays because he’s the heart and soul and gets the water done, the fire done. He does so much in the camp.”

Eric then joked, “That’s what she wants me there for!”

However a jubilant Colin revealed that the Trial “Wasn’t as scary as I expect.”

Referring to his well-known TV character, Charlie then joked, “No Tardis required today.”

Talking about the Trial Colin added, “When I felt the nips Charlie said I screamed like a girl. I don’t believe I did.”

Back in camp, the other celebrities were discussing the impending eviction.

David said to the camp mates, “That would be a turn up for the books if Eric goes, a big upset.”

Hugo commenting on Eric picking Rosemary and said, “If Rosemary guided him around he’s going to have to deal with her, bossing him around. You’re panicking and you’ve got Rosemary bossing you around.”

Helen then added, “If Eric goes I will not be happy.”

The camp mates returned and talked through the Trial, all admitting it was fun and Rosemary confessed, “Eric and I have bonded.”

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