Im A Celebrity 2012: Ashley Roberts and David Haye set secret task

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts and David Haye were given secret tasks on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this evening.

It started when David was selected to become the camp meddler and was given a task that was going to get the girls in a spin - hiding the camp mirror!

In return for completing secret missions over the next couple of days, David was told that the number of missions completed successfully would result in the number of care packages the camp mates would receive from friends and family.

“Ha ha, this is going to hurt the ladies in the camp, particularly Helen. I’ve been looking forward to doing this for a while!” David was warned that if he were seen taking it, he would forfeit the care packages.

He returned to the camp to questions on his whereabouts and decided he wanted to get the mission completed done sooner rather than later. “I wandered around like I was James Bond then did the old T shirt over the mirror trick, I was made for this,” he said as he buried it in a secret location.

Ashley was the first to question where the mirror was and Hugo tried to help her as he was the last to be seen using it. “I got back down to the camp and they were panicking already, “

Hugo asked David directly: “Do you have the mirror?”

Helen said “I’m really worried now, where is it? It can’t have gone far.”

David told her to look in her stuff to see if she’d mixed it up with her bedding.

“I was winding up and winding up, I am feeling quite happy with myself now, all hell has broken loose, they are all accusing each other but they haven’t accused me yet!”

Feeling defensive, Helen said: “I bet this comes down to my fault, I always get the blame for everything, I’ll check everything again. I bet someone is playing a prank and hidden it on purpose.”

As they all searched Eric observed: ”It just shows how bad we are, eight of us are excited about looking for a mirror!”

Fingers were being pointed as everyone got the blame for losing the mirror.

Pleased with his mission David said: “It’s all brewing nicely and it will all warm up nicely tomorrow when the girls wake up because it’s the first thing the they do (looking in the mirror).”

Rosemary asked Helen what she would do if the mirror couldn’t be found. “We’ll get another one or I will run for the hills, that will be the straw that broke the camel’s back.”


Later, Ashley was called to play her part as the Camp Meddler. She was shown the cabinet of care packages containing photos and gifts for her and her fellow celebrities and was told she must complete her mission - which was to persuade Helen to wash three items of her laundry successfully - to receive her own care package.

“I’m going to try it right now as she wanted to wash some laundry and I’m going to persuade her to do some for me too.”

Ashley persuaded her to do her laundry but Helen was unsure how to launder clothes in camp. “Can I put reds and greens in together, will it make a difference?”

While giving David another massage, Helen continued to ask instructions how to wash, fussing about the temperature of the water but she washed the items and put her clothes over a branch to dry.

Mission completed, Ashley was then given a second assignment with a partner in crime - David.


David and Ashley were called to Snake Rock and told they had to wake up in the middle of the night screaming in bed and say they had seen a monster, one of them then had to persuade someone to swap beds.

As she plotted and planned she said: “What if I scream and go and ask Hugo to swap beds, I will scream and David will say he thought he also saw something going up the stairs.... I’m hoping it goes alright as Hugo is more of a scaredy cat than I am!”

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