I'm A Celebrity news: Hugo Taylor gets all eight stars on Drown and Out trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Hugo Taylor

Hugo Taylor won all eight stars on his second I'm A Celebrity 2012 trial this evening.

Hugo was quick to nominate himself for the Trial and explained he would “rather do this than something else. I don’t mind being under water”.

David jokingly suggested Hugo would be good at this challenge because he must have played water polo, whilst Hugo playfully replied, “I always take my horse for a swim in the morning. It likes to gallop around the lakes.”

Charlie, however, suggested Eric attempt the Trial but the darts player said, “No, not one called drown and out, I’d do bugs and things.”

After Rosemary suggested Eric give it a try, David stepped in and said, “Why don’t we wait for a bug one, Eric doesn’t mind a bug one. Swimming’s not my strong suit.”

Colin later said, “Bless his heart, Hugo’s up for everything He was the most eager volunteer. “Even David wasn’t up for that one. Hugo’s blossoming everyday he’s in here. He’s been very supportive of his fellow campmates. He’s a good man.”

But once Hugo was confirmed for the Trial, the reality star admitted that he was starting to feel nervous, “I feel short of breath all of a sudden. I feel a bit panicky.”

As he headed off for the Trial, Colin gushed, “Hugo you have no idea how much I admire you. You’ve proved yourself twenty times over in here.”

David and Helen walked Hugo to the bridge. As he headed off to face the Trial, David mockingly said, “Hugo actually said before this challenge that he used to swim down to the bottom of the lake, by a castle that he owns. He’d go down there with his friends; he even got his butler involved. Fishing for pearls I think. He should be at one with the water.”

He then added, “As long as there are no spiders Hugo’s coming home with all the stars.”


Hugo arrived at the challenge and was greeted by Ant & Dec who explained the rules.

He was told he would be lowered into the chamber which would fill will water. On each side were hatches which each contained one star. Hugo had to open the hatches and retrieve the stars. Starting on the left he had to open all four hatches before he could move onto the right side. Joining Hugo in the chamber were water dwelling creatures including yabbies, water spiders, eels and mud crabs.

He had ten minutes to find all eight stars.

Hugo told Ant and Dec: “I’m really regretting choosing myself to do it. My hearts racing badly. Are there spiders already in there?”

He continued, “I thought it was going to be something completely different. I thought it was going to be a fun swim under water. I’ve got my trunks on under my shorts.”

Hugo undertook the challenge, with water filling the chamber; he opened the first hatch and was joined in the tank by eels and found the first star. But as he opened the second and third hatches, which contained, mud crabs and more eels, Hugo struggled to find the stars which had fallen to the bottom of chamber. Diving underwater and feeling around on the ground, he found one star but struggled to find the third and said, “This is disgusting.” Stopping to catch his breath, he exclaimed, “I’m panicking. This is scary.”

With time ticking he opened the fourth hatch and found another star. Hugo continued to search for the star but with time ticking pressed the red button which lifted the grate and allowed him to move to the right side.

He quickly retrieved all the stars hidden in the next four hatches. With a minute left he attempted to go back and find the eighth star which still remained on the left side. After several attempts he finally managed to retrieve the star and won eight meals for camp.

After the Trial Hugo said, “It was seeing those spiders in the beginning. I’m so pleased I did that. I got the same as David.”


On his way back to camp a jubilant Hugo said, “I can’t wait to tell the camp mates, especially David. He got nine stars out of nine and I got eight out of eight.”

Back in camp, the group were confident that Hugo would do well in the Trial. David, referencing Hugo’s fear of spiders, said “I think he’ll get eight stars if there were no spiders.”

When Hugo arrived back in camp he told his fellow celebrities that the chamber contained “Sh*t loads of spiders” but he still won eight stars.

The camp mate’s loud cheers did not rouse Eric who continued to sleep in a hammock.

Describing the Trial to his fellow celebrities, Hugo said: “The water was rising until it was three feet above my head.”

Hi shocked campmates asked how he could breathe, Hugo replied, “I held my breath.”

Stunned David looked on and impressed by his efforts, they all continued to congratulate him. Colin added, “You are the man Hugo.”

Later Charlie said, “I’m chuffed to bits for Hugo as he’s really scared of spiders and I think he’s overcome that.”

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