I'm A Celebrity 2012: David Haye wins all nine stars in Scare Plane trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - David Haye

David Haye won all nine stars in tonight's latest I'm A Celebrity 2012 trial.

The camp mates were told that the next Trial was Scare Plane.

As they decided who would take on the challenge, Charlie nominated herself she said, “if I had to pick a trial to do I’d pick this, I’m good with heights.”

But the other camp mates were keen for David to do it, admitting that they should pick the person who was going to win the most amount of stars.

David agreed and said, “The thing is who can get the most stars? Other than myself I’d nominate Hugo because I think Hugo’s got the chance of getting the most amount of stars.”

A disgruntled, Charlie then said, “That makes it seem that I’m incapable of getting the stars and that isn’t the case.”

Charlie later said in the Bush Telegraph, “It just really annoyed me when it was like a boy thing. A boy’s going to bring back more stars than I’m capable of getting because that was quite clearly what he (David) was saying. And that just p*ssed me off. It’s old fashioned sexism.”

The camp decided David should do the challenge. The champion boxer picked Rosemary and Colin to wave him off.

The shocked pair were thrilled to be chosen.

Rosemary said, “It was an honour to wave David off today. That man is a machine. He’s all muscle. To have the privilege of waving David the Hayemaker off was the biggest privilege under the sun.”

As he headed to the Trial David admitted that he was aiming for the full nine stars but that his fear was not the impending Trial but losing. He said, “My main fear is losing itself. I’m aiming for nine stars and if I get anything less than that I’ll be disappointed. I always want to get the best possible results.”


David arrived in the Trial area warning Ant and Dec that he was very scared and they might witness him ‘screaming like a little girl’ as he wasn’t sure if he was scared of heights.

Asked how the mood in camp was, he said: “I think it’s got real. The game has really started, we are nervous when you turn up in camp and evict somebody.

“We’ve had good food in the last few days winning lots of stars. We had a great feast last night with Ashley getting 8 stars so I’m hoping to do the same today. I nominated myself, I thought, I’m not sure if I’m scared of heights so you might see me screaming like a little girl!”

Dec outlined the challenge pointing to a precariously balanced plane hanging over the edge of the valley. “You are going to climb into the cockpit and fly it out into the middle of the valley. Once you’ve found all the stars on board that plane you’ll need to leap across onto a second plane. There are 9 stars up for grabs in this Trial spread across the two planes. The stars are not only in the cockpits, so you’ll have to climb along the wings and search the outside of the planes too.”

Viewing the task ahead of him David said: “I’m not the lightest of competitors. The thing I am most afraid of is being a failure, I wouldn’t want to get up there and fail. I’m not so fussed about the creatures. I fear not getting the stars, I don’t want to let the rest of camp down the pressure is on - let’s do it!”

Flying high over the jungle, David was then joined in the cockpit by bug drops of cockroaches, meal worms and darkling beetles as he found two of the stars.

As he walked over the swaying plane to the next wing he said: “I’m not looking down just concentrating on the job in hand.” His hands were being bitten by green ants in hell hole on the wing: ‘These ants are doing well, eating me” as he collected another star. Soldier crabs protected the star on the next wing which he successfully retrieved.

With four minutes gone and four stars in his pocket, he was taken to the next plane and climbed into the cockpit. “Can I see the stewardess please for peanuts and a rum and coke?” He joked.

With meal worms dropping over him, David put his hand among the scorpions to grab another star. “Oooh scorpions my friends how are you doing mate?’. David tentatively crawled out to a wing, reminded by the presenters if he fell, he would not be able to get back on the plane. “This is when I wish I was a featherweight’ he said before retrieving another star.

With a final star to go he saw a star hanging high above the plane, Ant urged “take a leap of faith here, come on for a full house”. David then dramatically leapt from the plane into the abyss and grabbed the star.

Back on terra firma David said: “I’m very happy with that, I wouldn’t have been happy with 8 stars it had to be 9 stars, I liked the leap of faith, you stand on the edge and I looked down and wondered will this kit (the harness) hold me but I’ve got to feed the family! “

As Ant checked the bag to ensure David brought home a full house, Dec said: “I’m glad about that, I really didn’t want to be the one to say to you ‘sorry I’m afraid you have lost a few stars.”

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