I'm A Celebrity: Rosemary Shrager and Eric Bristow row

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Rosemary Shrager

Rosemary Shrager and Eric Bristow clashed in the celebrity jungle tonight, after Rosemary’s delight at her new flatter stomach was burst by a joke from Eric.

Observing how much weight she’d lost since being in the jungle Rosemary said: “Oh my god my stomach’s flat, or flatter, I’ve not felt it before!”

Eric said: “I found a machine down the gym that I like, you’d like it as well Rosemary, it’s a vending machine”

Chided by Ashley, Rosemary said: “He can bring it on as much as he likes, I don’t care it doesn’t worry me one little bit.” Rosemary asked: “What would you do if I was in the last three with you Eric?”

“Get a bit of rope and hang myself,” he laughed.

Later while down at the creek washing her clothes, Rosemary told Helen: ‘It’s not like I don’t get on with Eric, I do but he does have a thing about me, I haven’t fathomed it out if it’s my posh accent. I think it’s uncalled for but it makes him feel important insulting me.

“Eric’s humour comes from making fun of other people, that’s the problem. So in fact the person looking the fool is Eric.”

“I’m nice and kind to people and I wouldn't treat people like he treats people. He’s thoroughly rude to me. Out of sheer curiosity I am trying to think of what I’ve done for Eric to feel so peculiar with me, but the thing about Eric is that he has never asked one question about me or about my life. He’s not interested in me, the only person he’s interested in is Eric Bristow.

“That’s it, the only person Eric Bristow is interested in is Eric Bristow. If we reversed roles with Eric and found a weak point and then really went for it, he probably wouldn’t care he has got a skin like a rhinoceros.

He thinks it is funny to be direct but doesn’t know when to draw the line. Actually it’s rather stupid and he’s the one being the fool. It’s personal, he’s popping little snipes and I feel it is a personal attack on me. So I take it seriously because I am sensitive about it which I think is perfectly acceptable. But because of the way we are living I’m trying to ignore it. If it goes too far, I will crash down on him and he won’t know what’s hit him and quite frankly there will be sparks.”

Later, Rosemary decided to confront Eric about his comment to her earlier in the day. “Have you got a problem with me?” she enquired. “No I don’t have a problem with you at all. If I had a problem, I’d let you know. You try and take over everything.”

“No I’m not” responded Rosemary. “I’m just being me.” “That’s alright then” said Eric.

Rosemary continued “What you have to do is understand other people’s personalities. We’re not all like you and we are different people. I’m me. (This is about) you understanding me. We’re all getting on because of the way you are and accepting that totally. You’ve got to understand that sometimes how people are. Accept them for what they are. Be a little bit more generous with your giving in terms of your personality. We’re not all the same people.

Later Rosemary said “For me today I’ve actually sorted something out with Eric tonight which was really important.

Eric later commented “I think me and Rosemary clash a bit. I’ve got nothing against her. I keep taking the mickey out of her and whatever else.”

He later added “She just shouts. I don’t listen to her anyway.”

Later the Camp had a Jungle Thanksgiving Dinner of mutton bird, spatchcock, lychees and cherries and they were treated to a bottle of beer. Rosemary confessed that she had never drunk beer from a bottle before as the liquid foamed out of the top. The campmates sang Star Spangled Banner and waved American flags.

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