I'm A Celebrity 2012: Ashley Roberts gets to call home

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts got the chance to call her friends and family from the I'm A Celebrity 2012 jungle tonight.

The celebrities were told that one of them would be allowed to make a phone call home. They held a general knowledge quiz to decide how long the call would be – each question that they got correct would earn them 30 more seconds.

The celebrities decided amongst themselves who would take make the call. Charlie was keen to speak to her daughter and many of the of the celebrities wanted to speak to their loved ones. But they decided amongst themselves that it would be Ashley who would have the call as her parents were not only not travelling to Australia to meet her, but couldn’t watch the programme on television. In addition, it was Thanksgiving Day, and her family would be at home together in America without her.

A delighted Ashley took the call as the telephone rang in the phone box. She ran up and spoke to her mother who was at home with Ashley’s dog Cooper.

Ashley later said “That was good to hear a voice and they can’t see what I’m doing in here and my family will be so proud of me so it was good to hear her. I think they are going to be so proud. I think they are going to be, I can’t believe you did all of this. I mean today jumping on that train and living out here in the camp and not having all the products and everything. I think they’re going to be more than proud of me. She said that Cooper was right next to her. I just want to let her know that she’s ok because she can’t watch the TV show every day. And to let her know that I’m ok and I’m safe and I’ve made amazing friends and this had been the most crazy journey ever and that everyone is so proud of me back home.

Everybody was so gracious enough to let me have the phone call. I know Charlie wanted to speak to her kid. Everybody was very supportive and that meant so much to me and my mom even too. Tell everybody you know thank you for letting us get to talk I’m ok and getting through this crazy experience. It’s tough hearing their voice and I definitely got emotional knowing she’s there with my dog and my family and I miss them so much and I just know they’d are so proud of me. It is emotional and I try to be as tough as I can but it is tough.”

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