I'm A Celebrity 2012: Ashley Roberts gets eight stars in Terror Trian trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts impressed on tonight's I'm A Celebrity, as she won eight stars for camp in the latest bushtucker trial.

The celebrities were told that today’s Bush Tucker Trial was called ‘Terror Train.’ The camp mates would have to decide who would face the Trial.

Charlie, Rosemary and Helen admitted that they did not want to do it but Ashley nominated herself and said she’s like to give this one a go.

Ashley revealed, “I know there are a few people like Helen who have been in many Trials. Charlie didn’t want to go up today and I just felt like it was time for me step up to the plate.”

As it was Thanksgiving in the USA, Ashley said she was hoping to win a “Thanksgiving meal for my UK family.”

She continued, “If it was just myself and I let myself down I could deal with that. Knowing that I have all my camp members back there relying on me to bring back stuff there’s that pressure.”

Her fellow camp mates however were confident that Ashley would do well in the Trial.

Ashley volunteered to do the trial and win stars for meals for the celebrities dinner.

Asked about the mood in camp following Nadine’s departure, she said: “It was sad to see Nadine walk off, it is weird going back to camp without her being there.” She added that she was ”all nervous and excited”.

Ant and Dec told Ashley that the trial was called the Flying Bushman Terror Train, the train divided into 6 areas, three compartments in the carriage, the coal bunker, the train cabin and finally the engine. There were ten stars up for grabs. There were other passengers on the train and she was given ten minutes to complete the trial to win ten stars for camp.

Starting in economy class, Ashley went off at a pace pulling down suitcases and searching the seats trying to find the first two. She was squealing as she rooted through dead fish then coming across rotting meat until she opened a seat which was full of pythons and then a drop box full of cockroaches but she found both stars. Ashley then moved on to the buffet car and squealing and screaming away up to her elbows in fish guts that were in a side seat guarded by a large lizard. To retrieve her next star she opened the door to first class which was full of rats as her fellow passengers and had cockroaches dropping on top of her.

Next stop was the coal bunker which was full of slime and with four minutes left she had to feel around for two stars, left with one star but had the chance to retrieve the final two stars in the engine room. There the stars were in among the coal sacks of offal and in a drawer full of toads.

Saving the best for last Ashley passed through the final area, the engine, blacked out and full of spiders and cobwebs. She found one star and for the other had to go through the dark tunnel full of cobwebs and spiders.

Ashley left the train moaning and groaning but on time and with eight stars. “I did good,” she exclaimed. Trying to hug Ant and Dec who were not thrilled at the prospect and asked to pass on the opportunity, she said: “I’m pleased - the snakes were terrible, the goo, the textures, darkness, cockroaches, I might rest for a few days now.”

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