Five secure immunity from first I'm A Celebrity 2012 elimination in 'Bed Bugs'

I'm A Celebrity 2012Five of the I'm A Celebrity 2012 campmates, including Ashley Roberts and Hugo Taylor, have won immunity from tonight's first elimination in the dreaded final Bush Buddies task, 'Bed Bugs'.

Playing in their pairs - except for David Haye, whose Bush Buddy Brian Conley had earlier left the jungle - the stars had to stay in special beds for as long as possible.

But as always, there was jungle creatures involved - and each duo had to endure intrusions from different critters as they attempted to get their rest.

Based on their performances in the two previous Bush Buddies tasks, the pairs were also ranked and given time advantages, which would be added to their Bed Bugs durations to determine their final times.

  • Limahl and Helen Flanagan ranked first, winning a 60 minute time advantage
  • David came second, winning 45 minutes
  • Hugo Taylor and Ashley Roberts came third, winning 30 minutes
  • Charlie Brooks and Linda Robson came fourth, winning 20 minutes

Colin Baker and Rosemary Shrager, and Nadine Dorries and Eric Bristow failed to win any Bush Buddies tasks and therefore didn't have advantages.

The five individual celebrities with the best times won the challenge, and the coveted prize of exemption from the first vote-off.

In a shock result, David was the first to quit after 18 minutes, before the bugs had even arrived. Inisiting he wasn't scared, the boxer reasoned: "I decided to get the hell out of there and go and get some sleep. No way in a million years am I am going to be able to sleep with creepy crawlies going over me."

Unable to cope with scorpions and beetles, Nadine left after 30 minutes. Helen followed suit, giving up at 34 minutes, before Limahl quit at 39 minutes.

Half an hour passed before Colin and Charlie exited their beds at the 68 minute mark. Linda left at 78 minutes, while Eric packed in at 84 minutes.

After more than two hours, Ashley, Hugo and Rosemary were the final three campmates remaining - and the Made In Chelsea star was the first of them to fold, at 146 minutes.

Ashley then quit at 155 minutes - meaning Rosemary, who had fallen asleep among soldier crabs, won Bed Bugs after surviving 156 minutes.

But it was all about the time advantages, and when they were added to the scores, the contestants finished as follows:

  • Ashley - 185 min
  • Hugo - 176 min
  • Rosemary - 156 min
  • Limahl - 99 min
  • Linda - 98 min
  • Helen - 94 min
  • Charlie - 88 min
  • Eric - 84 min
  • Colin - 68 min
  • David - 63 min
  • Nadine - 30 min

As a result, Ashley, Hugo, Rosemary, Limahl and Linda won the prize of safety, and Helen, Charlie, Eric, Colin, David and Nadine faced the first elimination.

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