I'm A Celebrity 2012: Eric Bristow, Rosemary Shrager clash over cookery lesson

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Rosemary ShragerEric Bristow took issue with Rosemary Shrager when the chef proved a bit overbearing during a cookery lesson in the I'm A Celebrity 2012 jungle.

After Hugo Taylor won nine stars in his Bushtucker Trial, the group decided to use a delivery of ostrich eggs to make an omlette - and Rosemary declared that she'd "sit and prep and give orders to do the cooking".

But as she begun to bark orders, telling Nadine Dorries to 'work faster' at stirring the mix on the fire, Eric became disgruntled.

"You don’t have to shout at people for them to listen," said the darts champion.

The work paid off as the celebs were thrilled with the meal – with Hugo Taylor describing it as “the best thing ever cooked in the jungle.”

As everyone tucked in, Rosemary apologised to Eric for shouting while defending what she claimed to be her teaching method.

Eric, however, wasn't buying it, snapping: "We’re not going to go home and do one of these are we?"

Later in the Bush Telegraph, he complained: "I find it very rude. I don’t like it. Tell us what to do and we shall do it, but don’t shout at us."

But not everyone was against Rosemary, with Charlie Brooks commenting: "When she’s in a kitchen that’s just how she rolls. If you don’t like it fine, but people shouldn’t continue to go on about it after they’ve said it once.

"I don’t think it’s fair bash down somebody’s character.  I don’t want her to feel sad in here we all need the help we can get and at the end of the day she just doing it so that so we all have a great meal."

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