I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars set Bed Bugs immunity challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Rosemary Shrager

The I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars were given their final immunity challenge tonight.

The celebrities were told to prepare themselves for the final battle to save themselves from the first public vote off, called Bed Bugs.

The celebrities were informed that for the next five hours they would have to stay in the very special beds and would be joined by jungle critters.

The aim of the game was to stay in the bed for as long as possible. Based on the previous Bush Buddy challenges they received a ranking. The ranking would determine the duration they had to share their bed with the bugs. The higher their ranking the less time they had to spend with them.

Each time one of the celebrities was joined by a ‘bed bug’, their buddy was simultaneously joined by the same ‘bed bug’.

Colin announced to the camp that the challenge would take place overnight and the longer that each celebrity endured the challenge, the more time they accumulate. The five celebrities who have accumulated the most amount of time will be spared being the first kicked out of the jungle.

Over the last few days the pairs competing in the Bush Buddy Challenges have been timed to win an advantage in Bed Bugs - the pair that completed both challenges in the least amount of time are in first place.

Helen and Limahl were in first place so each had 60 minutes added to the time they individually endured in Bed Bugs. David was second and had 45 minutes added, Hugo and Ashley each had 30 minutes, Charlie and Linda both had 20 with Rosemary and Colin and Nadine and Eric failing to complete a Bush Buddy challenge and therefore having no time added to their time in this final challenge.

Rosemary was the most concerned. “I’m going to be no good, I can’t stand anything flying, I’m so dreading this trial. I can’t stand anything flying around my head, I’m terrified.” Holding her head in her hands she added: “I’m actually scared, it’s not going to be good fun, I will try and do my best but no, no, no.”
Nadine chipped in: “I wouldn’t mind a rat for just five minutes but not overnight. I don’t want the kids to see me being a wimp. The bit for me is when they are running, your heart pounds and the adrenaline makes you panic, I said I wouldn’t mind encountering a rat to overcome my fear but I mean the trial not sleeping with them, mind you I work with them.”

The celebrities arrived at the challenge unaware what jungle critters would be joining them.

Earlier, each pair had randomly selected the name of a bug and had to decide which celebrity pair they should join.

Eric and Nadine would be joined by scorpions and beetles, chosen by Linda and Charlie.

Colin and Rosemary would be joined by soldier crabs, chosen by Ashley and Hugo.

Charlie and Linda would be joined by crickets, chosen by David.

Ashley and Hugo would be joined by rats, chosen by Colin and Rosemary.

David would be joined by cockroaches, chosen by Limahl and Helen

Limahl and Helen would be joined by snakes, chosen by Eric and Nadine.

See who lasts the longest tonight!


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