I'm A Celebrity 2012: Ant and Dec defend Helen Flanagan

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec have defended I'm A Celebrity 2012 star Helen Flanagan, saying that she wasn't faking her nerves.

Speaking on This Morning today, the Geordie duo said: "People have said to us, ‘do you think its all an act now that she's turn it round and got twelve the other day?’, but I don't think it is."

Ant explained: “From what we've seen, I think she realised that the camp was so hungry that she had to buck her ideas up."

Dec added: "Last night’s show was the last bush tucker trial that the public vote for so they [the camp] have to choose themselves now who does them."

“I don't think we'll be seeing Helen down at the trial area any more."

Sources had accused Helen of faking her original nerves, after she failed the first five trials with no stars.

One insider explained: "We’ve been keeping a very close eye on Helen and have been quite worried about her at times, but this was such a dramatic turn-around it has got everyone wondering if she might be playing more of a game than we had previously realised.

“She may well have believed that all the nervous routines and mini-meltdowns would win favour with the public, but once that didn’t work, she has tried a different tactic and gone to the other extreme.

“She is an actress after all. Maybe she’s more talented than people realised.”

Meanwhile, Ant and Dec revealed they were happy to see Hugo Taylor take on the latest trial today.

"When Hugo came down to do the trial today, it was like 'Hallelujah’!"

Dec joked: "I could've kissed him!"

Ant added: "We got to see the whole trial, every part of it... so it was nice just to see them - we got so many text and tweets saying 'we just wanna see the trials' so we've seen one now and he gave it a good go."


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