Tory MP Nadine Dorries enjoying the laughter in the I'm A Celebrity 2012 jungle

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Nadine DorriesShamed Conservative MP Nadine Dorries is relishing her time on I'm A Celebrity 2012 - as it has reminded her of the joy of laughter!

Yesterday, as Rosemary Shrager told a funny story about an experience with a psychic, Nadine - who was suspended from the political party for taking part in the show - piped up about how much she is enjoying the experience.

"This has been so amazing for me. I have laughed so much. I realised that the day I entered politics is the day I stopped laughing," explained the 55-year-old.

"I’ve also realised, because people might say you’re with a load of celebrities, but a lot of people in here apart from Hugo are from very normal backgrounds."

Taking offence, Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor replied: "What’s not normal about my background? Why should I be excluded? I come from the same country as you, I speak the same language."

"You’re in the top two per cent, so you’re not normal," answered Nadine. "The other 98% are."

She continued: "I’ve realised how disconnected politics is from people because politicians don’t laugh. It’s so grim, we work in this disconnected bubble from everything else."

"Does Boris [Johnson, Mayor of London] laugh?" asked Hugo.

"Boris does, and that’s why Boris is so loved as a politician," mused Nadine.

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