I'm A Celebrity 2012 campers pleased to be rid of their 'Bush Buddies' tethers

I'm A Celebrity 2012The I'm A Celebrity 2012 'Bush Buddies' have been freed of the tethers that joined them together - but not before the links caused tension in the camp.

Previously, the stars paired up with their best friend in camp for a series of battles in which they competed to win immunity from the first vote-off.

The catch was that they had to be tethered to each other - and, as they tied up for the second day, some celebs took the opportunity to moan about the twist.

"I’ve got no chance with [tag]Eric Bristow[/tag]. He keeps un-attaching himself and I’m walking around with a piece of string next to me," said Nadine Dorries.

"Eric is not someone who abides by the rules. I will be doing things and suddenly I’ll look down and have an empty tether walking along with me and there will be no Eric because he would have escaped."

Meanwhile, [tag]Hugo Taylor[/tag] sniped: "I don’t think anyone is enjoying this. There is this lurking mood of anger around the camp. I think someone would like to take one of the cardboard cut outs and smash it to pieces."

Later on, David Haye retrieved a laminate from the Bush Telegraph to read to the group - and caused much panic when he jokingly announced that they'd all be attached until the fifth elimination had taken place.

However, he soon cracked and told the relieved celebrities the real news - that they were now allowed to 'detach from each other'.

"Being free from tethering is a wonderful thing," said [tag]Colin Baker[/tag]. "It’s like all things you think you’ve got something to complain about then something worse comes along like being tethered.

"Being untethered makes us feel better than we felt before we were tethered."

Hugo added: "The moment I got untethered I literally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders."

The first elimination will take place on Wednesday.

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