I'm A Celebrity 2012: Rosemary Shrager clashes with campmates

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Rosemary Shrager

There was tension in the I'm A Celebrity 2012 camp last night, as "bossy" Rosemary Shrager clashed with her campmates.

It started as chef Rosemary enlisted the help of her fellow camp mates as she prepared to put her culinary skills to use.

She told the camp mates to put beans in a bowl, ‘smash them’ up and then roll them into a small balls.

David joked, “smashing is what I do best!”

Whilst Colin said, “Rosemary is brilliantly finding a way of making in inedible, edible and we’re mashing beans and going to make little bean balls.”

As the camp mates followed their instructions, Rosemary adopts her teaching role and continued to bark orders at her camp mates which disgruntled Eric who disliked being “shouted at.”

Rosemary confessed, “I find Eric quite tricky to deal with. I told him to almost shut up and get on with it because I couldn’t cope with it anymore. He started to get bored. The problem is they are all lazy.”

As Rosemary continued to vocalise the instructions, Hugo hit back and said, “you’re very bossy in the kitchen.”

He continued, “Please don’t be overly bossy. I did a very menial task , I’ve done it, I’ve cleaned my dish and I’m getting shouted at.”

Whilst Eric barked, “we’re not a bunch of kids, don’t treat us like it.”

Colin commented, “(there are) too many macho men in there who think being told what to do makes them less of a man instead of just doing it.”

With Rosemary’s dish of bean balls cooked, the camp mates admitted that her dish was very good.

Hugo said, “that tasted bloody delicious, these are the beans which have been our nemeses since we arrived.”

Whilst Eric admitted, “its better than beans anyway.”

Rosemary told her camp mates, “that took a lot of willpower to get through that.”

Nadine then told the chef, “some of us are very grateful indeed. You are a fantastic dynamic to the group and very grateful you’re here.”

Later Rosemary commented, “you would have thought with me being there they would embrace it with open arms but they sort of fight me. It’s weird.


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