Helen Flanagan scores five stars in I'm A Celebrity 2012 live Bushtucker Trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan has continued her winning streak by bagging five meals for camp in last night's live office-themed I'm A Celebrity Bushtucker Trial.

The campers went hungry for several days as the ex-Coronation Street actress continued to fail food challenges, having topped all the public votes so far.

Yesterday, Helen somehow mustered the strength to power her way through her sixth trial, securing all twelve stars. But despite her new-found success, Ant and Dec announced that she would face her seventh during last night's show.

With the rest of the group watching from the sidelines, the Geordie duo explained that she'd face a 'bad day at the office' in an attempt to win grub.

The trial was split in to several 'stations', the first of which involved her logging in to a computer using a keyboard covered in green ants and slime. She did this with no bother, securing her first star.

Next was the photocopier, and Dec lifted the lid to reveal a box containing two stars - covered by thousands of cockroaches. She simply had to lift the stars out using only her mouth, but after much umming and ahhing the cockroaches proved too off-putting and she passed.

Helen moved on to the mail room, where she had to reach in to three covered boxes to find two stars, and slot them in to cubby holes according to what creatures she found with them. The other celebs guided her to the first, which she correctly put in the 'yabbis' hole, earning her second star.

She then reached in the second box, containing scorpions, and unscrewed the star. However, she slotted it in to the 'spiders' cubby hole, making it invalid.

Break time arrived, and Helen successfully retrieved three items from a vending machine filled with pythons, earning her a third star. This became four when she ate a lunch consisting of stick insect and bug tea.

With four out of seven stars so far, Helen had to go back to work by taking the lift, where she could earn three stars by catching them among the nasties that would be poured down on her head - but she missed them all, squirming and screaming as she was splatted with gunge and mealworms.

Finally, she had to open a filing cabinet littered with rats and fish around for two stars. She found one, but missed the other as her time limit ran out.

Helen's campmates then broke in to applause as Ant and Dec confirmed that she had won five stars, out of the possible twelve.