I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars given immunity challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Colin Baker

The I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars have been given their first immunity challenge, to avoid this Wednesday's first eviction.

They were informed they would have to get into pairs. The pairs would be tethered together and take part in Bush Buddy challenges. Over the next four days, they would be competing, with their ‘buddy’ for the chance to avoid the first public vote.

Their rankings from the challenges would provide them with an time advantage in the Bed Bugs challenge, which would be the final Bush Buddy Battle.

Charlie suggested that she and Linda join together as they “because we’re not bothered about being the first out.”

Nadine, asked Ashley but she had already been asked by Hugo. After deliberating, Ashley opted to go with Hugo leaving Nadine to pair up with Eric.

The final pairings were:

Limahl and Helen

Charlie and Linda

Ashley and Hugo

Nadine and Eric

Colin and Rosemary

David and Brian

The ‘buddies’ were given coloured bandanas and one side of a heart to wear to distinguish the partnerships.

Colin received a pep talk from Rosemary, who said, “you’re going to be fine. You’ve got to be determined to get through it for me I know you don’t mind, but you’re with someone who minds.”

David commented on his partnership, “if it was up to me I’d do everything on my own but that’s not the case here so I’ve got to rely on Brian. I’ve got to go out there and give it a 100%. Not only am I doing it for myself I’m doing it for Brian. And that puts a different perspective on it.”

Limahl admitted that whilst it was Helen suggested they ‘buddy up’ she had “turned a corner. She came back fired up from winning the twelve stars today and she said ‘I can do anything now.’ This is not the same Helen so other camp mates watch out.”

Told that their first challenge was called ‘Making Friends, each pair had to decide which of them would leave the camp to compete in the challenge. How the buddies do in the challenge will go towards determining which pairs would be excluded from the first public vote off.

The buddies facing the first Bush Buddy challenge were, Colin, Limahl, Charlie, Hugo, Eric and Ashley.

Whilst their buddies had left the camp, the remaining celebrities had to tether themselves to life size cardboard cut outs of their pair.

When the celebrities arrived at the challenge they were greeted by five giant puzzles. They would have to each use the 21 blocks to build a complete image of their Bush Buddy. The blocks, however, were jumbled up and each side has a picture on it. But only one side had their buddy’s picture on it. The first celebrity who successfully completed the challenge would also win a night in the jungle den for them and their partner.

As this was a jungle challenge, the celebrities would each be fitted with an electric pulse device which would trigger each time one of their fellow competitors completed their picture. The celebrities would have to stand in a perspex box filled with jungle critters throughout the challenge.

As the game started, Charlie and Ashley were more distracted by the bugs than the puzzle.

David said, “it’s a bloody nightmare. It’s so frustrating. This game it looked more fun than it actually is.”

As the game wore on, Charlie and Ashley muddled their puzzle pieces. As they tried to figure out what they had done wrong Ashley took a piece by David and claimed it was her. This prompted the boxer to say she was “sabotaging” the game.

As most of the celebrities were struggling to complete their puzzle, Limahl was the first to complete his which caused the others to receive an electric shock.

Eric then suggested that they all leave together and all quit. The others agreed which meant that they were void from the game and have no score on the score board.

A chuffed Limahl confessed his secret to the others, he said, “Do you know what really gave me an advantage she’s (Helen) got false tan on so whenever I got saw pale skin I knew it wasn’t her.”

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