Im A Celebrity 2012 bosses worried about Helen Flanagan and live trial

Helen Flanagan I'm A Celebrity cruelty towers 2

I'm A Celebrity 2012 bosses are worried that Helen Flanagan will once again be chosen to take on the latest bushtucker trial, which tonight will be live.

Tonight's show will see the first live trial of the series, and Helen Flanagan is favourite to be voted to take part by the pubic.

The challenge will see one of the contestants attempt to collect as many meals as they can for their campmates – with the pressure of the real-time broadcast giving them little time to prepare for whatever horrors they must face.

However, unlike the normal challenges, the other campmates will be present to watch the events unfold and cheer them on.

So far Helen has been voted for all of the trials, and to date has won a grand total of zero stars.

A source said: "Producers are desperately trying to come up with a change of plan. If Helen gets voted to do the live trial, they are going to have a lot of time to fill if she refuses to take part.”

Last night saw Helen give up on her latest challenge, the Rodent Run.

Helen refused to even complete in the first part of the trial, which only rrequired her to run on a gian gmaster wheel.

"This was an idiot-proof trial. If she couldn’t do this, there’s no hope for her," an insider told the Daily Star Sunday today. "Dec kept telling her, ‘Helen, it’s just running around on a wheel. It’s just two minutes. You could win two stars. Think of your camp mates’.

"Nobody can believe she refused to do this one. "

I'm A Celebrity 2012 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV1.