I'm A Celebrity 2012: Helen Flanagan clashes with other campers

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan clashed with her fellow campers tonight after failing yet another bushtucker trial.

Eastenders star Helen failed to get even one star in the Rodent Run task, leaving her campmates to go hungry.

Back in camp and Helen was under attack, but she stood her ground.

Helen addressed Charlie Brooks and said, “I did see you looking at me like that and it did make me think, ‘come on Charlie I’m trying my best.”

Charlie then replied, “looked at you like what? Helen, I can’t even look at you without you thinking anything. It feels like you didn’t give it a go.”

Limahl then asked Helen, “You knew what the show was and you’re obviously handling it really bad. You made the decision to come on (the show) did you think you would be able to handle it?”

Helen responded, “I did actually but I don’t think you realise how you’re going to handle things until you get there.”

Helen walked off from her camp mates for some quiet time alone.

When she had left, Limahl said to Eric Bristow, “If you’ve got ten stars to collect you and you come back two or three at least its something. I really think its important to have a go. It seems mad that she’s here”.

Back in camp, Helen went and sat next to David Haye. Eric commented, “I don’t know why you’re in here if you don’t like insects and bugs and animals and things like that and you come into a jungle. What did you think you were going to do in here, drink milkshakes?”

Helen replied that whilst she thought she would have done better she was glad she came into the jungle.

But Eric retorted, “We’re not. We’re starving.”

Helen then confronted Limahl about his earlier comment, in which he asked why she had decided to come onto I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Helen said, “I’m not being confrontational, but your comment hurt me and it offended me. You said something like ‘why did you sign up for the show?’ It made me feel that you were saying ‘why are you here?’ And I thought that was out of order.

Referring to his night in the Bushman’s Refuge, Limahl replied, “Sweetie I spent eight hours in a f*cking rat infested room to get you guys a treat. Don’t talk to me about being out of order I made huge effort for everyone including you.”

But Helen continued, “Your comment was out of order. I just thought its just completely insensitive. I’m not bitching about you, I’m sure we’ll get on after this and get past this but that’s how I felt.”

Limahl said, “well I’m sorry.”

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