Im A Celebrity 2012 gossip: Rosemary Shrager ruffles feathers in camp

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Rosemary Shrager

New Im A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here contestant Rosemary Shrager has only been in camp for a day, but is already disrupting the group.

Nadine Dorries, Brian Conley and Eric Bristow were first to wake up in camp tonight and the MP shared her fears for the day ahead.

Nadine whispered, “I think today’s going to be a difficult day. Today’s going to be more difficult than yesterday. It’s the dynamic of Rosemary coming in. That is like someone throwing a human hand grenade into the camp. I’ve got a bad feeling in my stomach.”

“You know she did that programme Ladette to Lady and what they did is gave the girls elocution lessons, how to be ladies and she would tear a strip off them. She was a bad ass momma.”

Later, Brian took it upon himself to confront Rosemary over a comment she said to David when she arrived in camp.

When introduced to David, Rosemary had asked what he did, when he replied that he was a boxer the chef exclaimed that she “didn’t like boxing.”

As they sat on the sofa in the Jungle Den, Brian said, “I tell you what wound me up when you came in, you said to David that you don’t like boxing. He’s the heavy weight champion of the world.”

In the Bush Telegraph Rosemary admitted, “that was really bad. It’s not that I don’t like boxing. I just don’t like watching it because they are hurting each other’s face.”

Whilst she admitted to Brian and Limahl, who had joined in the conversation, that she never cried, the chef shed a tear and received a hug from Limahl.

Explaining his actions, Brian confessed, “I just wanted her to be clear of some of the concerns of we had.”

Rosemary headed into camp and apologised to David in front of other camp mates.

A baffled David replied, “if you don’t like boxing, you don’t like boxing, I don’t like cooking shows.”

Rosemary continued to make amends and said, “You’re a star seriously you are brilliant. Give me some moves I’d love to learn.” She then asked for boxing tips from David who offered to train her up in the jungle gym.

Later in the Bush Telegraph, David said, “Rosemary came over this morning and whole heartedly apologised for what she said. I was actually upset that she defused it because I thought it would be great entertainment for everybody. Me and her battling with each other! I can fight my own battles I don’t need someone trying to keep the peace.”

Brian continued to talk to Rosemary about the incident and Rosemary admitted that from the earlier conversation she was lead to believe that the whole camp had discussed her comment.

A confused Charlie and Linda looked on whilst Brian explained his actions, he said, “I said personally I was upset about what you (Rosemary) said to David. Rosemary got upset, she said ‘I never cry’ but she was upset because she had upset us.”

Linda and Charlie disagreed with Brian as did David. Charlie admitted that she wasn’t aware of the whole conversation and that she was thrilled to have Rosemary in camp.

Brian then asked Rosemary, “Do you think I was wrong to say that (to you?). When Rosemary replied that she thought he was right to tell her. Brian then added, “there you go Charlie are we clear. She’s happy that I went over.”

Charlie confronted Brian, “Oh My God Brian I haven’t got the hump with you at all. All I said was I wasn’t included in that.” She then walked away from the group.

As she observed the fallout, Nadine then said, “Brian you’ve got to stop talking about things its like a continuous loop.”

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