I'm A Celebrity 2012 campers win latest Dingo Dollar challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Linda Robson

Linda Robson and Colin Baker were chosen to undertake the days I'm A Celebrity Dingo Dollar Challenge yesterday.

Colin struggled to the top of a hill and said “It’s lovely to be out with Linda because she’s one of the grown ups.”

They found a table with a pile of coloured tacks on it, and a weathered ‘ATM’ style machine. There were instructions that read ‘You’ll need to remember every tack; Do the sum without a blunder; Dollars release with the correct pin number’.

They had to sort and count the coloured pins, then use the numbers to solve a sum. Entering the correct number into the ‘ATM’ would release the dingo dollars.

After several attempts, they won the money and proceeded to the Outback Shack where they decided to play for ice cream. They had to ask the camp what year Linda’s show Birds of a Feather started to be broadcast. The camp correctly answered 1989 and they won the ice cream for camp.

Meanwhile, as a reward for their night in the Bushman’s Refuge, both Rosemary and Limahl were allowed to spend their first night in camp in the Jungle Den, a hut perched high in the trees with raised beds, a roof and post importantly, a clean dunny. It was reached by a staircase and exited by a slide.

However the promise of all of this luxury was not enough for Limahl as he said that Rosemary’s snoring was too loud for him and opted instead to sleep in the main camp.


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