I'm A Celebrity 2012: Rosemary Shrager, Limahl arrive in camp to lukewarm reception

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Rosemary ShragerNew I'm A Celebrity campmates Rosemary Shrager and Limahl finally arrived in camp earlier today - but not everyone was pleased to see them.

The pair had to spend their first night in the Bushman's Refuge - a dark hut filled with critters, made worse when their future campmates refused the chance to give up food to make their experience easier.

Morning eventually arrived, but the celebs felt no remorse over their decision. Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Nadine Dorries said: "We are not remotely concerned or guilty, or worried or bothered that we left them last night because we went through hell to get here."

But the MP did defend the intruders when David, Eric and Hugo suggested that they shouldn't eat any meals won in the impending Bushtucker Trial.

"Once they get into camp it’s all equal," she insisted. "You think we should deprive them of food? It’s kind of dividing of them and us."

Meanwhile, [tag t="Rosemary Shrager]Rosemary[/tag] and [tag]Limahl[/tag] emerged from the Refuge having successfully completed the challenge.

"It was horrible I have never known anything like it in my life," said celebrity chef Rosemary. "Every inch in the place was taken up with a beast of some kind."

"It was an ordeal, but being there with Rosemary was like your big, great aunt Flo who comes round for tea," added Kajagoogoo frontman Limahl.

They soon arrived in camp to a lukewarm reception - with Eric not even bothering to get out his hammock. However, the mood eased when Rosemary and Limahl announced that their success in the Refuge had won everyone tea, coffee and biscuits.

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