I'm A Celebrity 2012: Limahl, Rosemary Shrager spend night in Bushman’s Refuge

Rosemary Shrager

I'm A Celebrity 2012 saw two new stars enter the jungle tonight, but it wasn't a great first day for newbies Limahl and Rosemary Shrager.

Before being allowed into main camp, the pair had to face a tough task and the current campers decided their fate.

A food hamper arrived for the ten current celebs, but to their horror and surprise , it was empty apart from an instruction. Hugo read it out. “There are two new celebrities in the jungle. They are currently spending the night in the Bushman’s Refuge. You must decide if you are willing to give up your food.

“P*ss off” said Linda, with most of the other celebrities agreeing. Only Charlie said that she felt a bit guilty. “They might be two people we don’t even like” said Brian.

“Almost unanimously except for Charlie we’d rather eat” explained Hugo. And so they did – a supper of possum sausages.

It meant that things were getting hairy for 80s pop singer Limahl and chef Rosemary Shrager, the two new camp mates. They had instructions that if they stayed in the simple hut, they would win tea, coffee and biscuits for their new camp mates.

"I’m not leaving because they’re starving” said Rosemary nobly. “I don’t want to arrive without any food” agreed Limahl.

Limahl said “I worry we’re going to be pushed to such a level we’re going to have to say those words.” “I’m never going to say it and you’re not going to do it” replied Rosemary.

As the hut started filling with giant huntsman spiders, rats, crickets and cockroaches, the new celebrities’ resolve was being tested to the extreme.

Rosemary suggested to Limahl that they stay awake all night and that he taught her to sing.”

But as more rats and crickets appeared the two started to doubt whether or not they would stay. “I can’t stand this. Not more. This is ridiculous” shouted Rosemary. “I’m beginning to weaken “confessed Limahl.

Will the two manage to last the night with their unwanted jungle companions?

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