I'm A Celebrity 2012: Ashley Roberts, Charlie Brooks take on Dingo Dollar Challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts and Charlie Brooks took on the latest I'm A Celeb Dingo Dollar Challenge tonight, and won chocolate biscuits for the camp!

Making their way to a clearing in the jungle, they found a tree with some instructions, a compass and a hand held radio on it.

Ashley read the instructions. ‘Contact your camp mates using the radio; each answer will tell you where to go; your compass will guide you from tree to tree; the one final answer will set the dollars free.’

The two camp mates had to do a remote treasure hunt by radioing through a question to the camp. If they answered correctly, they received co-ordinates to the next tree and clue.

They started off well by answering how many episodes Colin Baker had stared in Doctor Who. The answer was 32. Hugo radioed Charlie and Ashley with instructions of how to use to compass, but got it wrong by telling them to follow the black end of the compass as opposed to the correct red.

Helen didn’t know how many millions of pounds Manchester City paid for her boyfriend Scott Sinclair but the camp got it right; and Hugo answered how many thousand pound a term’s fee at Harrow was.

Eric couldn’t resist a dig. “What a waste of money. You’d want a refund”.

“I’m not very good at numbers” replied Hugo. “Nor compasses” answered Eric. “Or cooking” added Nadine to Hugo’s annoyance.

Nadine answered how many letters there were in the surname of Linda’s on screen sister in Birds Of A Feather and Eric answered how many pounds David Haye weighted in at when he defeated Nikolai Valuev to become world champion.

The final key opened a box and Charlie and Ashley retrieved the dingo dollars which they traded in for some chocolate biscuits.

The camp mates were overjoyed with their treat, even though they claimed that the biscuits were a little stale. Charlie said “Everyone was over the moon and I think because we’ve hot no food tonight it was just such a lovely little treat for us all.”

Colin added “It was probably a bit stale but even in that case we all slowly and carefully digested every morsel.”

The victorious Ashley and Charlie made their way to the Outback Shack to claim their prize. They chose chocolate digestive biscuits and camp had to answer the total age of all 10 celebrities. This allowed Eric to show off his amazing numerical skills from his days as a darts player and they correctly said 426 years, earning them the chocolate digestives.

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