I'm A Celebrity 2012: David Haye beats Hugo Taylor in Dingo Dollar Challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - David Haye

David Haye beat Hugo Taylor in the latest I'm A Celebrity Dingo Dollar challenge tonight, but David's team lost the reward!

It was the second time Hugo and David have gone head to head on the task.

Dismayed to see his former opponent, Hugo said “Great. Another physical challenge and it’s you.” “My heart sank a little bit” he confessed later.

Hugo read the instructions for the challenge which was called Shaping Up. “High in the trees; The Dingo Dollars wait; For one brave climber to claim the prize at stake; Find the right shaped pegs to go in the wall; For it’s a race to the top, so be careful not to fall.”

The two had to find pegs which fitted in a jigsaw fashion into holes on wall. They then had to scale the wall using the pegs as footing and grips to reach the dingo dollars at the top. The winner was the first celebrity to the top, and they would have the chance to win a treat for their camp.

David said “I’ve got to make sure I get up there and get those dingo dollars baby. I think Hugo wants to win this challenge and I’m sure he’ll go hell for leather.”

Before leaving, Eric had piled the pressure onto Hugo. “I’m not putting any pressure on you but the only two things we’ve won in here have been won by women. It’s time for the boys” he said.

Meanwhile in Croc Creek, David tutored his camp mates about himself, his career and his history, in preparation for another victory.

The two celebrities each took a different approach to the challenge. Hugo hurriedly tried to match the peg to the hole where as David took a bit more time to study each peg and hole to solve the challenge. He said “It’s like a puzzle. You can’t do a puzzle frantically trying to rush it. You have to look at the piece and get the pieces out and strategically work your way through it.

David completed the challenge before Hugo, triumphantly scaling the wall and ringing the bell to release his bag of dingo dollars. Hugo said “For me the game was won and lost when I put the wrong peg in the wrong hole.” He added “After that David was racing miles ahead because the one that was meant to be two above was the one I had in the one two below.”

Despite tutoring his team in all matters about his career and professional life, Croc Creek managed to answer the dingo dollar question incorrectly.

On offer in the Outback Shack were a bowl of crisps or toilet seat covers and air freshener. David opted for the former as his camp mates were asked how old David was when he turned professional. They incorrectly answered 18 (the correct answer was 22) and so David headed back to camp empty handed.

Ever the hero, David didn’t mention the crisps to his camp mates, instead opting to tell them that the choices had been toilet seat covers or air freshener. “I didn’t tell them there was crisps available because that would hurt the morale of the team” he explained later.

Hugo’s loss upset him as he cried in frustration. “I can’t believe I’m crying over something so stupid. The smallest thing in here can completely set you off. It’s astonishing.”

He explained to his camp mates, “It made me feel so demoralised and afterwards I just started crying. I was just like. It’s completely ridiculous. I was acting like such a wimp. You’ve just got this huge wall and David Haye yet again.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! airs on ITV1 at 9PM.

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