Im A Celebrity 2012: Hugo Taylor's Made In Chelsea co-stars reckon show will break him!

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Hugo Taylor

Hugo Taylor's Made In Chelsea co stars reckon I'm A Celebrity 2012 could break him!

Hugo's posh pals Spencer Matthews and Oliver Proudlock told ITN this week that the jungle was the worst thing for Hugo.

They said: "He doesn't like small spaces, he doesn't like bugs. It's going to be pretty interesting."

And the rather unsympathetic pair added: "He might reach breaking point - who knows? Either way it'll be entertaining!"

And cheeky duo however suggested that Hugo wouldn't have a problem if he had had to eat Kangaroo testicles.

"He'll love the ball task. He'll nail it. It wouldn't be the first time," they quipped.

Hugo's only been in the jungle for two days, but has already been in tears.

Chatting in the Bush Telegraph yesterday, Hugo at first, seemed upbeat when talking about his trail and losing out to boxer David Haye, but reflecting on the his time in the jungle so far, the reality star broke down into tears.

He said, “As far as this experience is going it’s definitely harder. I’m just hungry and tired and feeling a bit over emotional. I didn’t expect to cry this early. It’s hard to rationalise when your body is saying you need to eat, when you need to sleep. It’s just terrible.

“When I found out I lost (the trial) going through all of that suspense and doing the whole challenge (then) finding out that you haven’t won anything, that’s pretty demoralising. It would have been nice to have had a nice richer meal than rice and beans. When I walked in you could see people’s faces looking saying ‘do you have good news?’ I think immediately they could tell that I didn’t.”

Referring to his campmates and their roles in the jungle, Hugo said “I’m not bitching around here at all, or maybe I am a little bit but Nadine is a mother and my understanding of mother’s normally is that they know how to cook pretty basic food. I think Nadine keeps looking to me for answers on how to cook, I’m not an expert but I think some people need to take a little bit more initiative right now.”

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