I'm A Celebrity 2012: Helen Flanagan, Nadine Dorries fail Bug Burial bush tucker trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Helen Flanagan

I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries both failed their Bug Burial bush tucker trial tonight.

Sunday night saw the public decided to send MP Nadine Dorries for Snake Rock and actress Helen Flanagan for Croc Creek to face Bug Burial.

Upon being voted for the Trial, Nadine explained “I’ve got to deliver. You can’t say you’ll do something, you can’t put yourself up for something without doing your bit to deliver it and I’ve got to deliver food to those guys tonight.”

Psyching herself up, she said “Got to win; nothing’s going to stop me doing it” before pausing and asking her fellow campmates “rats. Do you think they’ll put rats in?”

Eric laughed as he pointed out in the Bush Telegraph that “She’s spent all her life trying to get votes and now she’s got votes that she didn’t want.”

Hugo spurred Nadine on. “Nadine, you’re going to win this. Just think how many witty comments when you do go back into Parliament. You can say ‘I’ve been in a coffin full of bugs and nothing compares to the crap that comes out of your mouth’”

“That’s a good line” concurred Nadine. ”Or compared to the House of Commons, this is a breeze” suggested Colin.

“I did say there’d be rats and snakes and it’s just like work. I work in Westminster. What’s the difference?” she added.

“I think it’s a badge of honour to do the first public trial. I think it’s good. My concern over claustrophobia and feeling like I’m suffocating and losing my breath. That’s what I’m worried about.”

Similar conversations were taking place in Croc Creek as the campmates tried to encourage a nervous Helen. “In preparation for the Trial, Helen is putting her clothes on for a change because she’s usually taking them off so people might not recognise her” joked Charlie.

And Brian added ”She’s lovely . She’s vulnerable and she’s our little girl that we’re going to keep an eye on and look after.”

Helen spent time choosing a closely fitting bra to prevent the bugs crawling on her. “I think I should put a really massive bra on so they’re never going to go anywhere near me.”

She claimed “I’m actually really excited. I really expected for me to get the challenge today anyway but I think it’s a really good chance for me to redeem myself because obviously I looked like such a pathetic wimp doing the whole height thing because I’ve got a real phobia of heights about them but I’m raring to go. I really want to prove myself and be strong on the is Trial and bring back the food.”

She continued “I’d be so proud of myself if I can win this Trial because I don’t think I’ve won anything before and it would be a nice feeling. And I’m going to be a champion jungle warrior princess.”

It was then off to meet hosts Ant and Dec for the trial.

The Geordie duo explained the rules of the Trial to them: Nadine and Helen each had to lie for ten minutes in two underground crates that had lids bolted down on them. After ten minutes, a key would drop into the crate. Then it was a race to undo all three bolts before escaping from the crate and raising a flag. The first celebrity to do so would win dinner for their camp.

It was an all or nothing challenge – if one celebrity said ‘I’m A Celebrity . . .Get Me Out Of Here’, the other still had to carry on and complete the Trial to win the food. And of course, this being a Bush Tucker Trial, meant that they wouldn’t be alone in the crates as they would be joined by all sorts of jungle critters.

Nadine said “It sounds absolutely dreadful but I’ve got to do it.”

Helen said “I even struggle with keys. Are you joking me? I’m absolutely petrified. Oh My God, do we have to do it now. Seriously? Can’t we just pretend?”

The two celebrities gingerly stepped into their respective crates, wearing goggles, shirts and shorts. The lids were bolted down, which immediately prompted Helen to say “I don’t like this. What’s that noise?”

Maggots were dumped into the crate through a hole in the wall and after seconds, Helen shouted I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here! and she was helped out of the crate.

After two minutes, 3000 cockroaches joined the maggots in Nadine’s crate. She complained that something was nipping her knee but she told Ant and Dec that she didn’t want to know what was in there with her. More maggots were dropped in and as she covered her face with her hand, she said “You’re going to bury me if you put any more in.”

Next, 5000 crickets joined Nadine and again she said that something was biting her as the insect crawled over her body. “I’m A Celebrity . . .Get Me Out Of Here” she shouted after four minutes.

She emerged from the crate as Helen starred at her incredulously and whilst Nadine stood in front of her covered in critters, said “I’ve got a twig in my hair.”

“Something was biting me and I thought it was a rat biting me and my fear is rats explained Nadine.

She said that she thought her camp would be fine” with her not winning dinner. Helen said that she thought her camp might be annoyed but said that she had tried.

And as the two celebrities left the area empty handed, Helen turned to Nadine and whispered “I want to go home.”

A disappointed Nadine returned to Snake Rock, to sympathy from her campmates.

Hugo said: “It sounds like the most horrific thing in the world. It was a real test of character and I’m super impressed she lasted that long.”

It was a similar story in Croc Creek as an upset Helen returned empty handed. Her camp mates hugged and supported her. “You’ve been crying” said Linda, hugging the young actress.

Helen said “Honestly guys, I swear I really did try. I did get inside it. She lasted about 2 minutes. I lasted about two seconds.”

“They drilled me in and they put something down and I thought it was a snake and I just couldn’t deal with it. In my imagination . . . It was a load of maggots that I could have dealt with but you don’t know what it is because it’s dark but it is upsetting me and I’m feeling humiliated.”

Charlie told her “You did your best” and predicted that Helen might be chosen again. “If you come back with no stars tomorrow, we’ll kick your arse.”

“But crying is making you look weak and I’m finding it hard to put a lid on that” said the actress.

Later David said “It’s not so disappointing. It’s like a kid who goes to sports day and they’re doing an event and they come third or something.”

However Charlie wasn't too pleased.

She bitched behind Helen's back: “When she said she lasted 10 seconds, I was a bit like that is a bit pathetic.”

Later, Helen sobbed in the Bush Telegraph. “I think I’ll be the person who’ll cry the most in the show ever.” And she confessed “I’m really struggling. I’ve even been thinking of going because I just don’t know if I can hack it.”

I'm A Celebrity 2012 continues nightly on ITV1.

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