Eric Bristow, Brian Conley compete for first Dingo Dollars of I'm A Celebrity 2012

I'm A Celebrity camp 2Eric Bristow and Brian Conley went head to head in the I'm A Celebrity jungle yesterday in an attempt to win the first ever Dingo Dollars challenge.

This year the Celebrity Chest challenges have been axed in favour of the new currency, which enable the contestants to buy treats at the 'outback shack'.

Brian represented the Snake Rock camp, while Eric represented Croc Creek, who are struggling to cope having failed to win all of the tasks so far.

The pair had to perch on lily pads and use nets to catch balls five at a time as they were fired in to the air. Each time they had five, they had to jump off, swim over to a tube and put them in - and the first to get to twenty would win the task and release their Dingo Dollars.

As they started, [tag t="Brian Conley"]Brian[/tag] joked that he was glad it wasn't a darts competition as he wouldn't have stood a chance. He quickly took the lead, as [tag t="Eric Bristow"]Eric[/tag] struggled to get back up on his lily pad.

Accepting defeat, Eric vowed: "I’ll have him before it’s over, he’s on my list!"

At the shack, Brian found he had enough dollars to buy either chocolate brownies or hammocks for his fellow campmates.

Opting for the hammocks, he reasoned: "I’d love a chocolate brownie but at the end of the day hammocks are far more important."

There was one more hurdle before - the all-important trivia question. Back in Croc Creek, the phone rang - and after picking it up, David Haye relayed the question: "What is Brian's TV catchphrase?"

Facing the options 'pick up a puppet' or 'it's a puppet', they correctly went for the later and cheered when Brian arrived with their prize.

Meanwhile, Eric returned to Snake Rock with his bad news. Hugo Taylor sighed: "I can’t bear losing one more time. I really, really want us to win tomorrow."

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