I'm A Celebrity 202: Lazy Helen Flanagan struggles in camp

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan really is struggling on I'm A Celebrity 2012 already, with her firs day and night in camp going from bad to worse.

Helen struggled to cope in her new surroundings and complained to Linda that she heard a rat and screamed that a bug had bitten her face. Clearly distressed, the actress called for help from the males in camp but they seemed underwhelmed by the damsel in distress. Linda advised her to leave them to sleep otherwise ‘they will get the hump.’ Helen later added, “People are going to get fed up with me.’

After a difficult night under the stars, Helen was unable to hold back the tears. In the Bush Telegraph the actress revealed she may now be sleeping in with fellow actress Charlie Brooks, “It’s been emotionally draining and bless her poor Charlie I must be doing her head in because I won’t leave her alone. She’s so nice she said ‘you can sleep with me tonight’ so that’s good.

“I’m knackered. I was here with my sleeping bag standing up thinking ‘oh my God there are rats crawling around my bed and I’ve got to go to sleep. How do I do this? I completely freaked out.”

The rats continued to be the topic of conversation in the morning, Boxer David Haye admitted to finding the rats cute, whilst Brian confessed that one nipped his toe.

Charlie Brooks also revealed that her first night in camp was ‘pretty horrendous’ but added, “David woke up and was immediately power squatting.”

Meanwhile, Helen got on the nerves of her fellow campers by refusing to agree to do any chores.

In Croc Creek the campmates set about their daily chores except for actress Helen Flanagan who struggled to find a job that she could do.

Admitting that she can be lazy, Helen finally emerged from her sleeping bag when she saw her fellow celebrities busy around the camp. As she joined Linda and Charlie she was shocked to find that one of the daily routines of camp life was to clean out the dunny.

Linda confirmed, “We have to clean the dunny every day and you will have to do it.”

Helen said, “No one is allowed to do a number two while they are here.”

The actress then confided to Brian, “How come everyone is so much better at doing stuff than me?”

She later confessed to Charlie and Linda, “I don’t think I’m going to be very popular because I’m squeamish.”

Linda added, “You might be popular to do the trials.”

Admitting that she thinks she will annoy campmates by not pulling her weight, a defiant Linda muttered, “You will cause I’ll make you do it!”

She did however perk up when she declared, “I’m going to go and give myself a spray tan and do something constructive.

I'm A Celebrity 2012 airs every night on ITV1.

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