David Haye, Hugo Taylor take on first I'm A Celebrity 2012 Bushtucker Trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - David HayeMade In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor and boxer David Haye went head-to-head to win food for their camps in the first Bushtucker Trial of I'm A Celebrity 2012.

Earlier, the stars had been split in to rival teams - Snake Rock and Croc Creek - and, as they prepared to travel to their respective jungle camps, each side had to pick someone to compete in the challenge.

Snake Rock chose Hugo, and Croc Creek elected David, and they subsequently met each other for the first time at the Trial clearing.

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In a task named 'Special Delivery', the pair had to enter seperate packing crates - which were hoisted 100 feet in to the air, before the sides and bottoms dropped off, leaving them dangling in perspex boxes.

They raced against each other to retrieve keys from holes in the sides and unlock a large red button, with the first to press their button winning the Trial and meals for their campmates.

However, as you might expect, they keys were guarded by various jungle critters - including maggots, cockroaches and rats!

"I am never putting myself forward for anything like this ever again," said Hugo.

Meanwhile, David joked: "I hope you know I'm allergic to cockroaches by the way. Didn't I put that on my form?!"

The results will be revealed in the first episode, tonight at 9.00pm on ITV1.

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