Great British Bake Off cheating scandal on the Christmas special

Great British Bake Off Xmas spoilers!


The Great British Bake Off Christmas special has been rocked by a cheating scandal!

It's the LAST ever episodes of the Bake Off on the BBC this festive season with two 'All Star' specials.

This Christmas Day and Boxing Day, two line ups of bakers return to the tent as Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry set them a trio of Christmas themed challenges.

In the first episode are Mary-Anne from Series 2, Ali from Series 4, Cathryn from Series 3 and Norman from Series 5 while Chetna from Series 5, Howard from Series 4, James M from Series 3 and Janet from Series 2 take part in the second show.

But the festive spirit appears to get lost in the tent as James and Chetna get involved in a bit of a barney over their festive loafs.

Chetna accuses her rival of cheating and copying her design: "James you are cheating!"

James himself admits his own bake didn't go quite to plan.

"I reckon Chetna has got this right, I can fix this," he says. "I am just trying to think how I can make it look more like Chetna’s"

Appearing for their last time on the Great British Bake Of, presenter Mel Giedroyc steps in to act as referee.

Chetna explains: "He has changed it after seeing my design. Bake Off first!”

"We have a cheating incident!" declares Mel.

But what will judges Paul and Mary make of it all?

The Great British Bake Off, BBC One, 4:45PM, Christmas Day.

The Great Christmas Bake Off returns tomorrow (Boxing Day, 7PM) for another episode.

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