Great British Bake Off winner? Candice Brown talks squeezing sausages and her 'pointy lips'


Great British Bake Off 2016 favourite Candice Brown has spoken out about her time in the show.

Ahead of tonight's final, where the GBBO 2016 winner will be revealed, Candice has admitted she's been loving all the innuendo this year.

Candice has been the source of much of Bake Off's cheeky one liners but says she just can't help herself.

She told The Sun newspaper: "Things do just pop out. They called me Barbara Windsor in the tent, like in the Carry On films, which I love.

"It’s hard not to be a bit naughty if you have plums, or you are squeezing sausage meat out of their skins.

"That, mixed with lack of sleep and a whole load of other big kids in the tent, not to mention Mel and Sue, equals innuendo galore. I love it!"

In an interview with the tabloid, PE teacher Candice also spoke about the reaction to her appearance on the Great British Bake Off from the public.

She revealed: "Working in a school with teenagers certainly stops any thoughts of fame creeping in.

"The students think it’s hilarious to shout 'Candice' instead of Miss Brown."

And she added: "I did have a lady in a shop say: 'Oh, your lips really are that pointy.'"

The Great British Bake Off 2016 final airs tonight at 8PM on BBC One.

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