Davina McCall wants Great British Bake Off to go 'sugar free' on Channel 4

Davina McCall (Got To Dance 2014)

Davina McCall has suggested that the Bake Off should become sugar free on Channel 4(!)

What's next, Celebrity Big Brother without the celebrities?

Okay, bad example...

Anyway, chatting on ITV's This Morning last week, former Big Brother host ruled out taking over from Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins after they left the BBC Bake Off series when it was revealed to be moving to Channel 4.

"I'm sugar free - can you imagine?" Davina reacted.

She added: "Channel 4 will throw the cards in the air and they will do something fresh with it.

"Make it sugar free!"

In a separate interview with Jonathan Ross, Davina said of rumours about her hosting the show: “I have not been approached and I have to say that would be tough wouldn’t it, after Mel and Sue, because they were amazing.”

On whether she would take the role if offered, Davina said: “I haven’t really thought about it, I love the show but it’s cakes and I’m sugar free really. I love watching it and I think ‘Ooh I could make a sugar free version of that.’ [But] you’ve got to try them haven’t you.”

When Jonathan asked, “So on a sugar level you’d have to say no?” although she didn’t rule it out, Davina replied, “I think I’d I’d probably have to.”

On whether it might be a poisoned chalice offer, Davina added: “A little bit, [I promote] healthy eating but [on the show] I’m just going to have a little bit of this cake.”

The Jonathan Ross show airs Saturday nights on ITV.

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