Great British Bake Off spoilers! Candice Brown struggles with Bread week

And Paul Hollywood is ruthless

Great British Bake Off spoilers Candice Brown

It’s bread week on the Great British Bake off 2016 tonight and reigning star baker Candice Brown struggles.

But she's not alone as Paul Hollywood is more ruthless than ever before with his judging, leaving contestants quivering as he passes a super critical eye over their bakes.

First up is the signature challenge, a sweet dough with a twist that reduces Candice to tears.

great british bake off contestants 2016 - 28

"You can see it’s still raw inside. With all the love in the world I’m not going to eat it," Paul tells her.

"I’m so embarrassed. I’m really sorry," reacts a clearly upset Candice.

Paul shows some compassion however, advising her: "It’s not something to be embarrassed about. You tend to fly out there with lots of things going inside.

“Rein it in. It’s about slowly getting your baking spot-on.”

Bread week then continues with a steamy technical challenge without an oven set by Paul that could be one of the show's hardest ever.

“Paul’s not in the best of moods,” says one of the bakers while even Mary Berry tells him: “Don’t be grumpy about it"

Finally, for the showstopper challenge, the remaining ten bakers must make use of three different flours to create a huge centrepiece.

At the end of it all, one more baker will be sent home while another will win title of Star Baker.

great british bake off contestants 2016 - 26

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Mel is seen visiting Germany to learn how one baker saved his small town from the ravages of the Thirty Years' War with a few hundred dumplings.

The Great British Bake Off 2016 continues tonight at 8PM on BBC One.

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