Great British Bake Off DISASTER as bakers struggle with biscuit week


The Great British Bake Off 2016 contestants really struggled with tonight's challenges.

It was biscuit week for the second instalment of the new series and the first task was to create 24 identical shortbread biscuits.

Variations included sheep shaped shortbread, spicy snacks and salted caramel hearts, but some barely managed to complete what should have been a straight forward bake.

For the technical challenge, the bakers had to create Mary Berry's Viennese whirls with butter cream and raspberry jam filling.

Finally, for the show stopper, the contestants had to come up with gingerbread creations that told a story.
They had to be at least 30 centimetres tall and include at least 3 different characters or objects.

After four hours of baking, judges Mary and Paul Hollywood were presented with a mixed bag of results from the bakers' handiwork.

Louise's gingerbread wedding scene turned into a right mess after her church collapsed and it led to her being eliminated.

"Biscuit aren't my thing, I came, I tried, I had a disaster," Louise said after leaving.

On the other hand, Candice went all out on her sculpture with a fully featured pub including ginger cake carpet, lime jelly pool table and even a pet dog.

"She's stepped so far ahead of the pack in her show stopper there was only one winner," concluded Paul.

the remaining ten bakers will go forward to next week's show.

The Great British Bake Off airs Wednesday nights on BBC One at 8PM.

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