Got To Dance 2012 winners Prodijig want to be 'the new Riverdance'

Got To Dance 2012 - ProdijigGot To Dance 2012 winners Prodijig say they aim to make their blend of Irish and hip-hop dancing bigger than hit Michael Flatley stage show Riverdance.

Frontman Alan Kenefick told Digital Spy that the group - all former members of the Riverdance cast - plan to keep evolving their unique style after triumphing in the Sky1 talent contest at the weekend.

He said: "I think that is the dream, to be the new Riverdance.

"I think as far as movement is concerned, we're creating a new genre, we're opening up the style of Irish dancing. It's no longer the rigid form and just the feet that Michael Flatley did.

"We're making it more modern and bringing the hip-hop vibe. The possibilities are endless for us. This time next year we'll be a totally different group and we're going to keep evolving."

It was earlier claimed that Prodijig are planning to tour the US after signing with top talent firm James Grant Group.

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