Got To Dance 2012: Boadicea, Fear Of The Unknown make the grand final

Got To Dance 3 - Boadicea

Boadicea and Fear Of The Unknown are the latest two acts to be voted in to next month's grand final of Got To Dance 2012.

Both groups recieved three gold stars and high praise from the judges. After theatrical group Fear Of The Unknown kicked off the show, Adam Garcia told them: "You guys are the masters of the grand gesture. You're memorable, you're different, and you're also really great dancers."

Ashley Banjo complimented their production, saying: "I was so excited to see you here with the lights and the bigger stage and the screens and you did not disappoint one bit. You fire energy, you don't just radiate energy, you kind of compact and project your energy at the audience and it hit me."

Kimberly described them as 'Cirque Du Soleil meets Alvin Ailey', adding: "The amount of creativity you put in to your performances, your choreography, your structure, you gave me chills time and time again."

Meanwhile, Ashley was particularly impressed by Boadicea, and urged viewers to vote for them: "I don't know how many all female street dance groups in the world hit like you guys. I'm rarely so passionate, but everybody listening, please, please please vote for these guys!"

Kimberly commented: "I see that you guys struggle through everything that you're going through and you put all that passion, that fire, that heart, that soul in every movement that you dance and you're so deserving of the final."

The troupes beat A Hoofer's Song, Luke Mann, Urban Jokers and Sapnay to join Prodijig and Tayluer & Elliott in the final, which will see the top 10 acts compete for the £250,000 prize in front of an audience of 6,000 at London's Olympia.

Got To Dance continues next Sunday at 6.00pm on Sky 1 (HD).

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