Got To Dance's Adam Garcia criticises acts that plead to be let through!

Got To Dance judge Adam GarciaGot To Dance judge Adam Garcia has revealed how awkward the panel feels when auditionees refuse to take no for an answer!

In an interview with The Sun, the West End star and tap dancer criticised hopefuls who plead with him and fellow judges Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Banjo when they fail to get the two or more gold stars they need to make the shortlist.

He recalled: "The worst time was when we were in Scotland and we hadn't put anyone through for about three hours.

"Everyone was starting to get upset with us, saying, 'I've worked really hard and done my best'. That's like saying, 'I tried my best in the 100m running race in the Olympics and I know I came last but can I have a gold medal, please?'

"No, no, you can't. Sometimes it seems to be a moment of sublime denial."

Meanwhile Wyatt - regarded as the strictest judge by fans of the show - defended her often tough words, but added that 'it never stops crushing your heart when you have to say no'.

She told the paper: "The contestants remind me of myself. They are desperately trying to find their way in the world and where they really fit in as a dancer.

"I am known as the strictest probably because I am the most technical when it comes to being a judge. I am looking for the full package."

The third series of Got To Dance kicks off with two audition episodes this Sunday and Monday at 6.00pm on Sky1 (HD).

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